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Photos on are classified by a system of tags, which can be viewed as photo albums. A given photo can be tagged with any number of tags. Each tag represents a subject, theme, or some common thread that links together a number of photos. This page lists all tags, including newer ones which may only have one or a few photos.

Tag / Album:Photos:About
ads4Photos of advertisements, and photographs with other subjects, such as buildings, which include advertisements in or on them.
ants2Photos of ants.
apples9Photos of different varieties of apples, and apple trees.
banks2Photos of bank buildings, interiors and exteriors.
bees2Photos of bees.
bicycling3Photos related to the subject of bicycling.
birds78Photos of birds, mostly, birds in the wild. I am a birdwatcher, and many of these pictures were taken while I was birding and surveying for eBird.
brick8Photos with a lot of brick surfaces, especially brick sidewalks, brick walls, and brick buildings.
bridges4Photos of all manner of bridges: car bridges, pedestrian bridges, new bridges, and even places where bridges once stood.
broadleaf evergreens5Photos of cold-hardy broadleaf evergreen plants, plants that have proper leaves (not needles), and grow in temperate climates and other climates with cold winters.
Bryn Athyn4Photos taken in Bryn Athyn, PA, a community in Philadelphia's north suburbs that is a community build around the New Church (Swedenborgianism).
bunnies5Photos of bunnies, including both pets and wild rabbits.
cabbage2Photos of cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables or brassicans (vegetables in the cabbage family).
cactus pears5Photos of cactus pears, the edible fruit of cacti in the Opuntia genus (prickly pears).
cars6Pictures of cars or automobiles, either individually, or in photos that prominently feature automobiles. This category includes other passenger vehicles, such as SUV's and minivans as well.
cats2Photos of cats, including both pets and wild (feral) cats.
centers1This category is for photos that capture some sort of geographic centers or visual centers to places.
cherries4Photos of cherries, either already harvested and ready to eat, or growing on cherry trees.
Chesapeake Bay3Photos of the Chesapeake Bay.
churches9Photos of churches, photos prominently featuring churches, or photos somehow directly related to church buildings. These photos focus on church buildings, rather than on the church as an institution.
citrus9Photos of citrus fruits.
city19Photos taken within cities, in urban areas, such as photos featuring skylines, streets, infrastructure, large buildings, and other photographic subjects relating to dense, urban development and the urban environment.
Cleveland29Photos in and of the city of Cleveland, Ohio, and the greater Cleveland metropolitan area, focusing on inner, more urban suburbs only: Cleveland Heights, Lakewood, East Cleveland, Shaker Heights, etc.
colleges12Photos of college campuses and university campuses.
construction1Photos of construction and buildings under construction.
cucumbers9Photos of cucumbers and different varieties of cucumbers.
deer1Photos of deer, in the wild and in human-inhabited or suburban areas as well.
edible landscaping3Photos of edible landscaping, plants that double as visual or landscaping plants, and food plants. You may enjoy my blog post about fruit trees as edible landscaping or my page on landscaping as well.
favorites13This is an eclectic collection of my favorite photos. There is no common thread other than these are photos that I like. There are completely different reasons for liking the various photo in this album. Sometimes I like the composition of the photo or how it turned out, but many times I just find these pictures amusing, pretty, or pleasing in some way.
fish5Photos of fish, including both fish for sale as seafood, live fish as pets, and fish in the wild. For now, the focus is on seafood.
flowers28Photos of flowers, including flowers planted in gardens or landscaping, wildflowers, flowering houseplants, and anywhere that flowers appear. This category includes photos specifically of flowers as well as photos of other subjects that prominently feature flowers in the picture.
food135Pictures of food...anything that I may want to eat at some point. This category includes both prepared dishes and raw ingredients. Right now, there's a clear emphasis on raw ingredients, but this may change in the future.
forest6Photos of forests and photos taken within forests. This album includes parks and nature preserves, but only includes areas with sizeable tracts of wild forest, where trees are allowed to reproduce naturally, and does not include parks where a majority of trees are planted.
fruit71Photos of all manner of fruit, whole, sliced, or on the plant. This album generally does not contain types of produce that are biologically considered fruit, but practically considered vegetables, such as peppers.
gardening8Photos of gardens, or photos of plants grown in gardens, with an emphasis on the use of these plants in gardening or landscaping.
herbs19Photos of herbs, including dry herbs, herb plants, and herbs being used in herbal tea.
home3Pictures of or taken within places that I have called home at various points in my life.
houseplants10Photos of houseplants, plants grown indoors.
insects4Photos of insects.
Jenkintown3Photos taken in Jenkintown, PA, one of Philadelphia's north suburbs that has its own sizeable town center.
libraries1Photos of or taken within libraries.
lounges1Photos of public lounges, common areas for gathering, study, socializing, or relaxing. Includes lounges on school campuses as well as other sorts sof buildings. Includes both dedicated lounges, and small lounge areas located in hallways and other areas.
markets1Photos of markets, decentralized commercial areas in which many different vendors have small stands or stores, selling various sorts of things. Includes farmer's markets and other types of markets.
memorials1Photos of memorials, including trees planted as memorials.
memories1Photos that bring back memories for me. These are mostly emotionally-charged places from my past, where I spent a lot of time and had a lot of formative life experiences.
money1Photos of money and currency: bills and coins.
murals4Photos of murals, including community-centered artistic murals, and murals used as advertisement.
mushrooms10Photos of mushrooms, both food mushrooms for sale as produce, and wild mushrooms.
music5Photos of musicians, music being made, or photos relating somehow to music.
nature77"Nature photos" is a pretty broad category, and within the topic of nature, these photos are rather eclectic. These photos are tied together by one key thread: there is something wild or organic about them.
Newark, DE39Photos taken in and around Newark, Delaware, a town where I lived four years of my life, and attended grad school for two, at the University of Delaware.
night6Photos taken outdoors at night, showing the night.
Oberlin15Photos of or taken in Oberlin College, or the town of Oberlin, Ohio, or directly pertaining to Oberlin. I attended Oberlin college for three years and graduated, and this college and town were rather important in my life.
Occupy Philly10Photos of the Occupy Philly protest, located outside city hall in Philadelphia.
office1Photos of offices, office-themed photos, and photos taken within offices.
okra2Photos of okra, one of my favorite vegetables that is simultaneously slimy, hairy, stringy, and seedy. Yum!
onions6Photos of onions and different varieties of onions.
pears4Photos of pears and different varieties of pear.
people6Photos of or prominently including people. There are relatively few pictures including photos on the public part of my site because I keep a large portion of these photos private.
peppers28Photos of peppers, including both sweet peppers and hot peppers (chili peppers). I love spicy food, and I especially love hot peppers, so you will probably find more varieties of peppers here than you will find variety in any of the other albums on this site.
Philadelphia88Photos of or taken within the city limits of Philadelphia, PA.
plants72Photos of plants. This is a broad category including wild plants and landscape plants, as well as houseplants.
playgrounds2Photos of playgrounds.
produce139Photos of produce, fresh fruits and vegetables. Unless you consider the broader category of food, which includes produce, this is the largest collection of photos on my site.
rainbows1Photos of rainbows.
salad2Photos of salad and salads. Among my friends, I am known for "Alex salads", salads which do not contain lettuce, so if you're expecting lettuce or other insubstantial greens, be prepared to take a walk on the wild side. Most of my salads are "meaty", including beans, root vegetables, pasta, fish, cheese, and denser vegetables, and going heavy on flavorful seasonings, often including liberal quantities of hot peppers; the lightest vegetable I usually use is cucumber.
schools1Photos of schools, including elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools, but not including colleges and universities, which are classified under colleges.
seafood6Photos of seafood, creatures from the water that are about to be prepared as food and eaten by humans.
security2Photos pertaining to security and security systems.
shadows1Photos of shadows. There has to be something rather interesting going on for a photo of a shadow to get in this album.
ships1Photos of ships.
shoes3Photos of shoes.
signs4Photos of signs.
sky4Photos of the sky, photos prominently featuring the sky, or photos where something interesting is happening in the sky.
snow6Photos of snow or photos taken in the snow or showing snow.
sprawl1Photos of sprawl (urban sprawl): car-oriented suburban areas with haphazard development, which make poor use of space and create an unnecessarily large carbon footprint and promote an unhealthy lifestyle.
squash4Photos of squash, the vegetable, not the game or sport. Includes just about everything called squash, as well as many things that are not, such as pumpkins, zucchini, and gourds. Does not include squash relatives that are usually eaten raw, like melons and cucumber, which has its own category.
storefronts4Photos of storefronts, stores that directly face the street, taken from the outside. This category does not include suburban-style strip malls.
sunsets4Photos of sunsets, or showing colors from a sunset, shortly before or after the sun has set.
tea97Photos relating to tea and herbal tea, including loose-leaf tea, tea bags, brewed cups of tea, iced tea, teaware, and plants used to grow herbal tea. To learn more about tea, please visit RateTea, an interactive website that I created that is the most comprehensive resource for tea on the web.
Texas1Texas-themed photos. Need I say more?
tomatoes3Photos of tomatoes, and different varieties of tomatoes, including heirloom varieties.
transit17Photos of public transportation, including bus, rail. Photos include subway and rail stations, trains, trolleys, bus stops, buses, photos taken of or within transit infrastructure, advertisements related to transit, and in short, any photo connected anyhow to public transportation. I am a huge fan of and advocate for public transportation: please also visit my page on public transportation if you have not done so already.
trees24Photos of trees, and photos prominently featuring trees or showing trees in their environment. Includes both wild trees and trees planted as landscaping plants.
turtles1Photos of turtles.
urban decay5Photos of urban decay or urban decline. These photos show urban areas that have faced economic decline. These areas are usually characterized by boarded up buildings, trash-littered streets, and infrastructure that is falling into disrepair. I feel passionately about doing something about urban decay, and I would invite you to look and think about the areas facing these problems.
Washington, DC2Photos taken in Washington, DC, the capital of the United States of America.
water4Photos of water or primarily featuring water. This album focuses on photos with large expanses of open water, and is mostly distinct from the album of wetlands, which features ecosystems with shallow water and dense vegetation.
wetlands14Photos of wetlands, ecosystems with shallow water and dense vegetation. Wetlands are some of the most rich, fascinating, beautiful, and ecologically important areas. They also tend to be a bit difficult for humans to access. All of these things make them a fascinating subject of photography for me.
White Clay7Photos taken within White Clay Creek State Park in Delaware.

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