Photos: Storefront Photos

Photos of storefronts, stores that directly face the street, taken from the outside. This category does not include suburban-style strip malls.

A store reading Kirk's Variety & Hobby Ctr. and showing ads for cigarettes and beer
Kirks Variety & Hobby Store, Pittsfield, MA
A storefront with a green awning reading Makkah Market, with arabic lettering as well
Makkah Market, Philadelphia
A storefront with some outdoor seating with two umbrellas, a banner hung above the storefront reading: LIVE SALSA EVERY FRIDAY
Cafe Clave Storefront, West Philadelphia
A storefront with a neon sign reading: Lochel's Bakery, with the interior of the bakery faintly visible through the window
Lochel's Bakery, Hatboro, PA