Photos: Plant Photos

Photos of plants. This is a broad category including wild plants and landscape plants, as well as houseplants.

Small beetle grubs, showing white bodies with black spots and brown heads
Larvae of the False Potato Beetle, Leptinotarsa juncta, on a Carolina Horsenettle
A large yellow flower with four petals, in sunlight, with deeply lobed green foliage behind
A Wood Poppy, Stylophorum diphyllum, in Bloom
Blue wood aster, showing many small light blue daisy-like flowers, with red centers
Blue Wood Aster at Grays Ferry Crescent Trail, Philadelphia
Closeup of blue wood aster flowers in a flower bed
A Blue Wood Aster Growing in a Philadelphia Flowerbed
Closeup photo of Doll's Eyes plant, showing big white berries on a red stem, and green, toothed leaves
Doll's Eyes Plant, or White Baneberry (Actaea pachypoda)
Ironweed, with dark green leaves and vibrant purple flowers, with one leaf showing damage from a leaf borer
Ironweed (Vernonia sp.) in Bloom, Showing Leaf Borer Damage
A dense mat of blue-green grass
A Mat of Nimblewill Grass, Growing Near a Street
A type of grass with small blades, growing among other plants
Nimblewill (Muhlenbergia schreberi) Grass Growing Among Other Plants
A close-up of a grass species with blue-green leaves
Nimblewill Grass (Muhlenbergia schreberi), Close-up
A wood nettle, showing some green-and-white variegation on its leaves, illuminated by bright sunlight, on the forest floor
Wood Nettle (Laportea canadensis?) with Natural Variegation
A Christmas Camellia with bright red-pink blooms with yellow centers, dark evergreen leaves, and a few unopened buds
Christmas Camellia (Camellia sasanqua)
A bare branch of a Christmas Camellia showing pruning and a young, bright green resprout, with blooms in the background
Christmas Camellia Resprouting after Pruning
Tough dark green evergreen leaves of a Christmas Camellia, showing serration and coming to a point
Christmas Camellia (Camellia sasanqua) Evergreen Leaves
A blooming Christmas Camellia, an evergreen plant with tough, dark green pointy leaves, showing big red blossoms with yellow centers.
Christmas Camellia (Camellia sasanqua) Blooms
A row of Christmas Camellias, in bloom, evergreen plants with big red flowers, outside a relatively ugly blue building
Christmas Camellia & Relatively Ugly Architecture
Closeup of a perilla plant, with broad, yellow-green opposite leaves, showing fine hairs on the leaves
Perilla Plant, Closeup
A perilla plant growing in a flower bed in an urban area
Perilla Plant, 40th Street, Philadelphia
Deeply lobed, serrated maple leaves, a dark red color
Silver Maple (Armstrong Maple?) with Red Leaves
Perilla, growing wild amongst other plants
Perilla, John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge
A ginger root, with two green sprouts coming out of it, on a table
Ginger Root, Sprouting
Three large planters of ornamental sweet potatoes, on a brick sidewalk, with leaves and plants torn off and lying on the ground
Ornamental Sweet Potatoes, After Hurricane Irene
Two morning glory flowers, with light blue-purple blooms and red-purple veins, and white centers
Closeup of Purple Morning Glory Flowers
Blue-purple morning glories blooming, on a chain link fence, sunlight filtering through
Blue/Purple Morning Glories on Chain-Link Fence
A coffee plant, with smooth, dark green, pointed leaves, opposite on stems, growing on a windowsill
Coffee Plant Houseplant
Fragrant sumac extending over a brick path, wth sets of three light green leaflets with soft, round lobes, leaves branching in alternate fashion from stems
Fragrant Sumac Foliage, Woodland Walk, Philadelphia
English ivy growing as a houseplant, on a windowsill
English Ivy Houseplant
A Dracaena fragrans, Janet Craig Compacta, a small houseplant with dense, dark-green leaves growing in a radial pattern, a bit like leaves on a corn stalk but much denser
Dracaena (Dracaena fragrans), Janet Craig Compacta
A small pot containing a small fiddle-leaf fig plant with three stems, on a windowsill
Fiddle-leaf Fig, Ficus lyrata, Houseplant
Foliage of an eastern whitecedar, showing foliage made up of flat scales rather than needles
Foliage of Eastern Whitecedar or American Arborvitae
A poison ivy plant growing diagonally along a chain link fence with green slats in it
Poison Ivy Growing Diagonally Along Chain Link Fence
A sunflower facing the other direction, displaying yellow petals around the edge, broad leaves somewhat wrinkled, a chain link fence and some wires and trees and a builidng in the background
Sunflower Facing Away
A double daylily, orange and flame-red, and a closed bud, with other plants and a rock in the background
Double Daylily, Orange
A straggling prickly pear cactus overflowing from a pot on a city sidewalk, up against a building, with numerous unripe fruit
Opuntia (Prickly Pear) Plant with Unripe Fruit (Cactus Pears)
A single ripe red cactus pear on an opuntia cactus
Cactus Pear on Cactus
Red shiso or perilla, showing broad purple-red leaves with some green, with an opposite-leaf growth habit like coleus or basil
Red Shiso (Perilla frutescens)
Photo of red shiso, a basil-like plant with dark red leaves, growing in cracks in a sidewalk, with a few other plants coming up as well
Red Shiso (Perilla) Growing in Cracks in a Brick Sidewalk
Closeup photo of a small flower showing two pale blue petals, and yellow-tipped stamens hanging down, with blurry green vegetation in the background
Asiatic Dayflower (Commelina communis) Blossom Closeup
Leaves and young branches of a paper mulberry tree, showing large, deeply lobed leaves covered with dense hairs, branching from hairy stems in both opposite and alternate patterns.
Paper Mulberry Tree Showing Both Alternate and Opposite Leaves
Leaves of a juneberry bush, showing a pointed oval shape with very finely serrated edges, the bush on the left in a bed with ivy, and a brick path on the right.
Juneberry Leaves, Woodland Walk, Philadelphia
Kudzu vines growing over something, completely covering it, with a plain modern building in the background.
Kudzu Infestation in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia
Photo of Trumpet Vine Leaves and Flowers, long compound leaves with opposite leaflefs, and red-orange trumpet-shaped flowers in clusters
Trumpet Vine Leaves and Flowers
A small city street with three story red brick rowhouses, with a massive trumpet vine growing on something like a street tree, with dark green foliage and bright reddish-orange trumpet-shaped flowers
Trumpet Vine on a Philadelphia Street
Vacant lot showing numerous weedy plants, some exposed ground, and two bare walls along the back, with a brick house viewable behind
Vacant Lot at Fairmount Ave and American Ave in Philadelphia
Peppergrass plant, showing unripe seedheads of numerous green, flat seeds, growing from a spindly-looking plant with thin, wiry, dark green leaves
Peppergrass (Lepidium virginicum)
Common ragweed plants in a vacant lot, showing rich foliage of finely-divided, almost fernlike leaves, viewed from above
Common Ragweed Plants, Philadelphia
Closeup photo of a hop vine, showing deeply lobed leaves with a rough-looking texture
Hop Vine Closeup, Philadelphia
A hop vine, with deeply lobed leaves, climbing a chain-lined fence, with a red gate on the left, sidewalk in foreground, and some weedy plants in the back
Hop Vines Growing Wild, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia
Red Camellia leaves, with black ants and tiny green aphids on them, and green leaves in the background
Ants Tending Aphids on Camellia Leaves
A camellia bush, an evergreen bush with serrated, pointed, oval-shaped leaves, showing a sprout with young, red leaves, with ants walking on it
Red Camellia Leaves With Ants
A common plantain plant, showing tough, round leaves with ridges, growing radially, in some mulch
Common Plantain (Plantago major) in Mulch, Philadelphia
A juneberry bush with rounded leaves, and numerous blueberry-shaped berries, of varying colors from greenish white to pinks and deep purples
Juneberries (Serviceberries) on Tree, Woodland Walk, Philadelphia
A small poison ivy plant with deeply-cut lobes on the leaflets, with a few leaves showing more than three leaflets
Poison Ivy with More Than Three Leaflets
Photo of a black locust branch with round leaflets on leaves, and large clusters of light pink flowers
Black Locust with Pink Flowers
A segment of grass near a sidewalk, with violets and dandelions blooming, and clover
Biodiverse Grass, Bryn Athyn, PA
A young American chestnut sapling, showing large, long, pointed, serrated leaves, staked, growing in grass
American Chestnut Sapling, Tanger Arboretum, Lancaster, PA
Variegated Japanese knotweed, with a dense tangle of foliage and stems, showing mostly white leaves with green flecks, some yellowish leaves, and pink or red on the stalks where the leaves branch off
Variegated Japanese Knotweed
A young giant hogweed plant, with immense parsley-like leaves, sprouting out amongst other numerous leafy plants in spring
Giant Hogweed, Heracleum mantegazzianum, White Clay Creek State Park, Delaware
Bloodroot leaves, oddly shaped leaves, broad, heart-like with lobes near the tip, among other leafy plants close to the ground
Bloodroot And Other Plants
A Canada Goose in a shallow creek, with box elder foliage in the foreground
Canada Goose, White Clay Creek, and Box Elders
A wild hop vine, with rough, deeply lobed leaves, and jewelweed, leafing out in spring together in an area with dead straw-like leaves
Wild Hops and Jewelweed
A tropical-looking evergreen plant with tough leaves, light green with yellow spots, in a bed of myrtle with lavender blooms
Spotted Laurel (Acuba japonica variegata)
A flowering tree with white blossoms, with most of its branches broken off and scattered about the ground, in a suburban commercial area
Flowering Tree (Bradford Pear?) Damaged by Ice
Bittersweet nightshade, showing green, red, and orange berries, and dark green heart-shaped leaves, climbing a chain link fence, with dead grass in the background.
Bittersweet Nightshade Climbing a Chain Link Fence
Photo of a plant on the forest floor with a cluster of bright red berries, and two radially arranged sets of leaves with well-defined veins.
Bunchberry (Cornus canadensis) Leaves and Fruit
A low branch of a balsam fir tree, showing numerous thin needles, coming off branches in a neatly branching, flat arrangement, with leaf litter visible on the forest floor below
Foliage (Needles) of a Balsam Fir Tree in Maine
Wetlands with tall reeds and cattails, and a few small plants in the foreground, showing a brief patch of water and sky, the water reflecting clouds in a bright sky showing purplish colors of a sunset
Shaker Lakes Wetlands, near Sunset
Dark, curling branches of a curly (corkscrew) willow tree, taken from below from a strange, diagonal angle, showing a dense network of extremely curly smaller branches
Curly Willow (Corkscrew Willow) Tree, Oberlin College
A dense tangle of red branches with numerous clusters of light yellow oval-shaped leaves sprouting from them
Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) Bush Leafing Out in Spring
A pond almost completely overgrown with water hyacinths, showing some purplish-blue blossoms, and the background and water reflection showing an ugly building in the same architecture of the World Trade Center
Water Hyacinths in the Oberlin Conservatory Pond
A large windmill palm tree growing outside a modern brick building, just taller than the 1-story building, with lush foliage
Cold-Hardy Palm Tree (Trachycarpus fortunei) at UMCES, Solomons, MD
A southern magnolia seedling, with large, shiny, light green leaves, in a bed of ivy with dark green leaves
Southern Magnolia Seedling, Horn Point, Maryland
Photo of black medic, a small, clover-like plant with three leaves, showing a few small clusters of tiny yellow flowers
Black Medic - Medicago lupulina