Photos: Water Photos

Photos of water or primarily featuring water. This album focuses on photos with large expanses of open water, and is mostly distinct from the album of wetlands, which features ecosystems with shallow water and dense vegetation.

A dim sunset behind clouds, on a wide river, with dirty mudflats in the foreground
Sunset on the Delaware River, National Park, NJ
A long bridge over water, with a pink and orange sunset behind clouds, and a gray-blue and white, marbly-looking sky
Sunset, at the Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge, Solomons, MD
A pier in water with a small white building on it, coming out from land with rocks along the edge, some trees, and a brick building
UMCES Pier, Solomons, MD
Dark blue open water, with only very tiny ripply waves, and open sky with a few white, billowy clouds, a few tiny boats visible on the horizon
Chesapeake Bay, Water and Sky