Photos: Newark, Delaware Photos

Photos taken in and around Newark, Delaware, a town where I lived four years of my life, and attended grad school for two, at the University of Delaware.

Two rusty blackbirdss on an ice-covered grassy area
Rusty Blackbirds in Phillips Park, Newark, Delaware
Photo of a deciduous forest in May, showing straight gray treetrunks, bright green leaves, and leaf litter and some dead wood on the forest floor
Forest in Rittenhouse Park, Newark, DE
A wide path going uphill through a forest, with sunlight filtering through the leaves
Forested Path, Rittenhouse Park, Newark, DE
A narrow footbridge across a creek, in a forested park, showing greenish-painted metal railings, with a tree trunk in the foreground
Footbridge in Rittenhouse Park, Newark, DE
A creek showing brownish green water, trees around the edge, and a cut stump on a grassy bank in the foreground
Rittenhouse Park, the Christiana Creek, and a Tree Stump, in Newark, Delaware
A beech tree, planted as a street tree, that fell towards a house; tree shows most branches cut off, and orange cones are placed around the base of the tree
Fallen Beech Tree, Newark, Delaware
A one-story brick building showing a large tree branch fallen onto the apartment, blocking the front door
Fallen Tree on My Apartment, Newark, DE
Photo of a hermit thrush perched on a branch, from behind, showing brown upper back and reddish rump and tail
Hermit Thrush - Reddish Tail and Rump
Red sidewalk bricks laid out in a circular pattern, radiating from a spot off the photo to the upper right
Brick Sidewalk Pattern, Mentor's Circle, University of Delaware
Two UPS trucks, facing opposite directions, parked on opposite sides of a street, with a metal railing in the foreground and a building in the background
Two UPS Trucks, Newark, Delaware
Male American Robin, chubby, with vibrant red breast, in grass, with scattered dead leaves
American Robin (Male) on Lawn
White-breasted nuthatch, climbing down a tree trunk, upside down
White-Breasted Nuthatch, Upside Down
A three-story steel frame building under construction, with exposed steel on the main side and a side showing yellow paper covering two walls, and a bit of machinery and a man carying some equipment
University of Delaware, New Bookstore Under Construction
Leaves in a shallow pool of water, in a grassy lawn
Leaves in Water in a Grassy Lawn
Shaggy tree trunks, in front of a reedy wetland, with more trees in the background, all bare and brown and gray
Trees in Wetlands of Phillips Park, in Winter
Grassy, reedy area of wetlands, with trees visible in background, railroad tracks far in distance
Wetlands in Phillips Park, Winter
paved path and flat wooden bridge over wetlands, with forest in background
Phillips Park, Walkway Through Wetlands in Winter
Dark tree trunks in a forest, bright white snow, on a sunny day in winter
Woods in Phillips Park, Newark, DE, with Light Snow
Shadows of trees casting horizontal lines on the snow, perpendicular to straight trees in the background
Tree Shadows: Lines on the Snow
Snow in foreground, barren trees in background, with a lone green pine, and a shadow of me with a hat and winter gear on
Snow in Phillips Park, and a Shadow of My Hat
Two Egpyptian geese landing in a wetland in winter, showing bold white and black on wings and a black ring around the eye, with three ducks in the wetland too
Egyptian Geese Landing, Newark, Delaware
A freight train with boxy, brown cars, with two minivans, a bicyclist, and a couple students all waiting at the gates of the railroad crossing
Freight Train Stopping Traffic, Newark, Delaware
A brick sidewalk, wooden bench with metal arms, and some pretty brick buildings in the background, on a college campus, at night
University of Delaware Campus at Night
View looking straight down a very long pedestrian bridge with brick and gray concrete blocks, illuminated by bright white lampposts, with trees on the left
Laird Campus Bridge, University of Delaware
A great egret, large white heron-like bird with a yellow bill and long, gray legs, walking on a muddy island in a small pond, with a dead tree on the right and reeds along the pond's edge in the background
Great Egret, Delaware Technology Park
A pond surrounded by forest, with dark gray water, trees overhanging the pond, with brightly-illuminated leaves in the sunlight
Iron Pits, Iron Hill Park, Newark, Delaware
A historic train, painted red, reading: NORFOLK SOUTHERN, behind a chain-link fence on a bright, cloudy day
Norfolk Southern Historic Passenger Train
Photo of an American Robin nest in a cedar (Juniper) bush, showing characteristic round shape, with one blue egg visible, and a few nestlings
American Robin Nest with Egg and Nestlings
A juvenile mockingbird in a tree, looking like a mockingbird but with a more delicate bill, with a brick wall in the background
Juvenile Mockingbird in a Tree
A robin nest, with small blue eggs, showing round, neat construction of sticks, mud, and a few pieces of trash, in a cedar (juniper) bush
Robin Nest with Eggs
A chipping sparrow singing on the ground next to the base of a pine tree trunk, with pine needle litter, grass, a few other plants, and a utility hole cover on the right
Chipping Sparrow, University of Delaware, Laird Campus
A rainbow arcing from the lower right up and to the left, against dark gray clouds, with lush, dark green trees in the foreground
Rainbow in Sky, Newark, Delaware
A view looking through some venetian blinds, showing a grassy lawn, tree, and street
Venetian Blinds, Ewing Hall, University of Delaware
A male house finch, showing bright red wash on head, stubby gray bill, and streaked breast, in a black walnut tree, with sturdy gray limbs and young foliage yellow-green in bright sunlight
Male House Finch in Black Walnut Tree
Two female red-winged blackbirds on reeds, showing mostly camoflaged patterning, streaked breasts and striped face, and dark tail, with some green visible in the background
Female Red-winged Blackbirds on Reeds, Newark, Delaware
Photo showing fallen pink cherry blossoms, and a few clumps of green grassy plants above the blossoms, two cherry tree trunks, and a red brick building in the background
Fallen Pink Cherry Blossoms Covering the Ground
A street intersection with numerous trees leafing out in early spring, in the middle of a college campus, with brick buildings, sidewalks, and a brick terrace
University of Delaware Campus, Viewed from Kirkbride Lecture Hall
University of Delaware Campus, a terrace with red brick, and buildings in an old style with brick and white trim, and slate roofs, and an overpass over a street, with trees leafing out in the spring
University of Delaware, Gore Hall, Viewed from Kirkbride Hall
A man spraying herbicides into a flower bed, on a college campus
Man Spraying Herbicides, University of Delaware