Photos: Tree Photos

Photos of trees, and photos prominently featuring trees or showing trees in their environment. Includes both wild trees and trees planted as landscaping plants.

Deeply lobed, serrated maple leaves, a dark red color
Silver Maple (Armstrong Maple?) with Red Leaves
A tree fallen across a street, crushing a car and smashing its rear windshield
Car Crushed by Tree, Hurricane Irene
A concrete median on a busy street, littered with broken glass, branches, trash, and other debris, a few stunted trees growing in it, and a parking garage on the left
Median With Debris, 38th Street, Philadelphia
A fig tree, with unripe figs, at night, in a yard in a residential neighborhood, with orange lighting from street lights
Fig Tree at Night, West Philadelphia
Foliage of an eastern whitecedar, showing foliage made up of flat scales rather than needles
Foliage of Eastern Whitecedar or American Arborvitae
Four small black cherries on a branch, on the left, showing some red serrated leaves from the tree, and a brick sidewalk to the right
Black Ornamential Cherries with Red Leaves
Foliage of a large northern red oak tree, showing large, deeply lobed leaves with sharp points, with a brick building showing behind the tree on the right
Northern Red Oak, 41st Street, West Philadelphia
Looking upwards at the trunk of a large, healthy pin oak tree, with a straight, robust central trunk and numerous small side-branches
Pin Oak, Memorial to Gordon Pollock Glenn
Photo of a black locust branch with round leaflets on leaves, and large clusters of light pink flowers
Black Locust with Pink Flowers
A beech tree, planted as a street tree, that fell towards a house; tree shows most branches cut off, and orange cones are placed around the base of the tree
Fallen Beech Tree, Newark, Delaware
A young American chestnut sapling, showing large, long, pointed, serrated leaves, staked, growing in grass
American Chestnut Sapling, Tanger Arboretum, Lancaster, PA
A crabapple tree planted in an apple orchard, showing much smaller fruit, and smaller and more yellowish leaves, than surrounding apple trees
Crabapple in Apple Orchard
A male house finch, showing bright red wash on head, stubby gray bill, and streaked breast, in a black walnut tree, with sturdy gray limbs and young foliage yellow-green in bright sunlight
Male House Finch in Black Walnut Tree
A Canada Goose in a shallow creek, with box elder foliage in the foreground
Canada Goose, White Clay Creek, and Box Elders
Black Locust, Leafing Out in Spring
Black Locust, Leafing Out in Spring
A large American elm tree, leafing out in the spring, showing many small dead branches, sprouting mainly out of the trunk and off various large branches
American Elm, Sprouting off Branches and Trunk
a garden showing a small southern magnolia tree, and many other plants, in front of a white garage, in a residential neighborhood, in winter
Southern Magnolia in Lancaster, PA
A grassy area with crossing paths, on a college campus, with numerous trees in the background and an Amur cork tree in the foreground
Wilder Bowl, Oberlin College, and an Amur Cork Tree
A low branch of a balsam fir tree, showing numerous thin needles, coming off branches in a neatly branching, flat arrangement, with leaf litter visible on the forest floor below
Foliage (Needles) of a Balsam Fir Tree in Maine
Dark, curling branches of a curly (corkscrew) willow tree, taken from below from a strange, diagonal angle, showing a dense network of extremely curly smaller branches
Curly Willow (Corkscrew Willow) Tree, Oberlin College
A fig tree planted up against a wall, cut back within a few feet of the ground, some leafless vines climbing the wall, and some grass and leaves on the ground
Fig Tree in Cleveland, Cut Back for Winter
A photo of numerous fallen autumn leaves of different colors and shapes, on grass
Fallen Autumn Leaves, Cleveland
A large windmill palm tree growing outside a modern brick building, just taller than the 1-story building, with lush foliage
Cold-Hardy Palm Tree (Trachycarpus fortunei) at UMCES, Solomons, MD
Linden trees lining a street in a residential neighborhood, looking upwards, showing gently curving branches
Unter Den Linden, Lancaster, PA