Photos: Night Photos

Photos taken outdoors at night, showing the night.

A fig tree, with unripe figs, at night, in a yard in a residential neighborhood, with orange lighting from street lights
Fig Tree at Night, West Philadelphia
A brick sidewalk, wooden bench with metal arms, and some pretty brick buildings in the background, on a college campus, at night
University of Delaware Campus at Night
View looking straight down a very long pedestrian bridge with brick and gray concrete blocks, illuminated by bright white lampposts, with trees on the left
Laird Campus Bridge, University of Delaware
A college campus at night, viewed from high above, showing criss-crossing paths illuminated by orange lights, an old building on the left and modern one on the right
Oberlin College Campus at Night, from Peters Hall
Dimly lit campus photo, with an asphalt walkway, wet from rain, some orange street lights, and a church tower visible in the background
Case Western Reserve University Campus, Rainy Night
A lamp on an outdoor ceiling, casting a beautiful, complex, symmetrical shadow on the ceiling
Talcott Light, Oberlin College