Photos: City Photos / Photos in Cities

Photos taken within cities, in urban areas, such as photos featuring skylines, streets, infrastructure, large buildings, and other photographic subjects relating to dense, urban development and the urban environment.

The entrance to the SEPTA station at city hall, Philadelphia, surrounded by tents and people of the Occupy Philly protest
SEPTA Entrance, Surrounded by Occupy Philly Protest
A modern skyscraper rising into a cloud, with its top not visible, a large brick building on the left
Low Clouds Obscuring Comcast Center, Philadelphia, From Chinatown
A mural painted on concrete under a bridge, depicting bicyclists in a bicycle race
Mural of Bicyclists, Race Street, Philadelphia
A tiny cobblestone alley with brick streets, with old brick rowhouses, and a paved side-street going to the right
Panama St. at Iseminger St., Philadelphia
Deep purple and bright pink petunias overflowing from a large square planter in the middle of a concrete terrace,with a small variegated holly in the middle of the planter.
Pink and Purple Petunias in a Large Planter
An old brick sidewalk, being encroached upon by ivy, and showing some small dry leaves
Brick Sidewalk, 41st Street, Philadelphia
Foliage of a large northern red oak tree, showing large, deeply lobed leaves with sharp points, with a brick building showing behind the tree on the right
Northern Red Oak, 41st Street, West Philadelphia
Vacant lot showing numerous weedy plants, some exposed ground, and two bare walls along the back, with a brick house viewable behind
Vacant Lot at Fairmount Ave and American Ave in Philadelphia
City street at night, lined with streetlights casting a dull orange light, a almost no car traffic, and a red brick building on the left
Cleveland: W. Lakeside Ave looking NE to W. 3rd St. at Night
Vibrant green foliage, against the roof of a building, in a relatively enclosed area, with some brick walls visible
Foliage and Roof: Beck Center, Lakewood Ohio
Illuminated patterns that look like alien hieroglyphics, projected onto the blank wall of a tall building in a city
Alien Hieroglyphics in Downtown Cleveland
Closeup of patterns that look like alien hieroglyphics, projected onto the blank wall of a building
Alien Hieroglyphics in Cleveland (Closeup)
Photo of Cleveland skyline at night, one of the three tallest buildings illuminated bright red with some green, river in foreground, dark drawbridge, and numerous orange-colored lights, reflecting off the river, clouds reflecting a purplish color from the
Cleveland Skyline, Christmas Season, at Night
Wide brown skyscraper with black windows, a few yellow lights, against a sky with billowy, dark clouds, with a few leaves of locust foliage around the side of the photo
BP Tower, Cleveland
Shiny new skyscraper in back, old red building in front, and an old stone church's steeple, all rising above the tops of green trees
Downtown Cleveland: Key Tower, Stone Church, Bank
Cleveland's key tower, a modern, shiny skyscraper, and the older, classic terminal tower in the background, rising from behind trees
Terminal Tower, Key Tower, in Cleveland
Three tall skyscrapers rising into dense clouds that obscure their tops, one building fully visible, but hazy, on the left, and some trees, a bridge, and construction in the foreground.
Cleveland Fogged Out
The tops of Cleveland's three tallest buildings, sticking out from over a rather plain looking bridge or roadway, with a parking lot in the foreground.
Cleveland Skyline, Viewed From The Flats
Looking down a very long escalator, with some lights, a round, concrete ceiling above, and a small metal grate on the right
Escalator in the Washington, DC Metro