Photos: Cucumber Photos

Photos of cucumbers and different varieties of cucumbers.

A small cucumber, seedless, with dark green wobbly edge, sliced and slices sitting on a dark wooden cutting board
Japanese Cucumber, Sliced, Slices
A yellow cucumber, sliced, on a plate with a colorful pattern on it
Yellow Cucumber, Sliced
A white cucumber, with a little greenish and yellowish, with green cucumbers under it, in a yellow bin
White Cucumber
Lemon cucumbers, a pale yellow, lemon-sized, nearly perfectly round variety of cucumber
Lemon Cucumbers
An orange cucumber, a mid-sized, chubby cucumber showing green with muted orange color
Orange Cucumber
A bin of cucumbers of many different shapes and sizes, showing green, yellow, orange, and white, and a few perfectly round yellow cucumbers
Assorted Cucumbers: Green, Orange, White, Yellow, and Lemon Cucumbers
A bowl with Japanese cucumbers, long, narrow cucumbers, one straight, three curved and bent in various shapes, with numerous small white thorns
Japanese Cucumbers
A metal bowl containing numerous small cucumbers, showing dark green color fading to white, with blunt rounded ends
Green and White Pickling Cucumbers
Small yellow cucumbers, one dark yellow, the others pale yellow, most slightly wider than pickling cucumbers but similar in size and shape
Yellow Cucumbers