Photos: Pepper Photos: Sweet Peppers, Hot Peppers

Photos of peppers, including both sweet peppers and hot peppers (chili peppers). I love spicy food, and I especially love hot peppers, so you will probably find more varieties of peppers here than you will find variety in any of the other albums on this site.

A basket with bell peppers and large sweet peppers in many different colors: red, green, purple, white
Assorted Colorful Sweet Peppers
Organic cayenne peppers, long, narrow, green, slightly crinkly peppers, in a metal basket
Organic Cayenne Peppers, Green
Purple bell peppers, a lighter purple with some paler areas, next to cucumbers and yellow-green bell peppers
Purple Peppers, Lighter in Color
A basket of round, yellow peppers, bell-pepper shaped but rounder, with green stems
Tangerine Pimento Peppers
Assorted hot peppers in a bowl,showing long, narrow red peppers, small, shiny green, pale yellow-green, and small carrot-colored ones
Assorted Hot Peppers: Cayenne, Bulgarian Carrot, Hungarian Wax, Jalapeno
Three hungarian wax peppers on a colorful plate against a blue-and-white tablecloth, showing one bright red pepper, one bright orange, and one yellow-green
Hungarian Wax Peppers, Ripe, Unripe, and Intermediate
A basket of assorted hot peppers, orange, yellow, red, dark green and light green, and a sign reading: Hot peppers, 20 cents each
Assorted Peppers, Hungarian Wax Peppers, Green Cayenne, Jalepeno
A carrot-colored chili pepper, with dry green stem, smooth, straight, about three quarter-lengths long, with a quarter for comparison, on a light wooden-colored surface
Bulgarian Carrot Pepper
A basket of bell peppers, containing mostly green, but many dark purple and some yellow and red peppers
Assorted Sweet Bell Peppers
A sliced red fresno pepper, cut in half, showing the pepper interior, intense red color, green stem, straight conical shape, and a few seeds at the top, on a brown ceramic plate
Sliced Red Fresno Pepper (Red Fresno Chile)
Small, red, cone-shaped peppers, on a blue and white patterned tablecloth
Red Fresno Peppers (Chiles)
Two purple-black bell peppers, on a ceramic plate, one pepper sliced, showing bright green interior
Purple Peppers, Whole And Sliced
A brown ceramic plate, on a blue and white tablecloth, with a bright red-orange pepper, slightly crinkly, and curved, and a similarly-shaped pepper with a light green color
Two Long Hot Peppers, Ripe and Unripe, for Comparison
Manzano peppers, looking like small bell peppers, shades of green, yellow, and yellowish-orange
Manzano Peppers
Poblano peppers, large, pointy peppers, most very dark green and shiny,  with some turning a deep red tinged with blackish-green
Ripening Poblano Peppers
Caribe peppers, small, pointed, smooth, very light whitish green
Caribe Peppers
Hungarian wax peppers, unripe, light green, whitish, long, smooth, slightly curved
Hungarian Wax Peppers
Assorted habanero peppers, small, bonnet-shaped peppers, red, orange, green, and yellow
Assorted Habanero Peppers
Green cubanelle peppers, light green in color, longer than bell peppers, with a rounded end
Cubanelle Peppers
Long, green, crinkly hot peppers
Long Hot Peppers
Poblano peppers, very dark green, very large, and very shiny, slightly pointed
Poblano Peppers
Green Anaheim peppers, relatively large, fairly long, slightly wrinkly, light-ish green
Anaheim Peppers
Long, narrow, straight, red chili peppers
Ripe / Red Cayenne Peppers (Finger Chili Peppers)
Long, narrow, straight, green chili peppers
Medium Chili Peppers (Finger Chili Pepper)
Long, wrinkly, very dark green chili peppers
Chilaca Peppers
Large red bell peppers with green stems and produce stickers
Red Bell Peppers
Many large green bell peppers with some red color on some
Green Bell Peppers
Green Serrano Peppers
Green Serrano Peppers