Photos: Nature Photos

"Nature photos" is a pretty broad category, and within the topic of nature, these photos are rather eclectic. These photos are tied together by one key thread: there is something wild or organic about them.

Small beetle grubs, showing white bodies with black spots and brown heads
Larvae of the False Potato Beetle, Leptinotarsa juncta, on a Carolina Horsenettle
Blue wood aster, showing many small light blue daisy-like flowers, with red centers
Blue Wood Aster at Grays Ferry Crescent Trail, Philadelphia
Ironweed, with dark green leaves and vibrant purple flowers, with one leaf showing damage from a leaf borer
Ironweed (Vernonia sp.) in Bloom, Showing Leaf Borer Damage
A raccoon in a tree, next to a thick trunk and behind a poison ivy vine
Raccoon in a Tree
A green heron, showing bold colored plumage, perched on a branch with flowering catkins
Green Heron Perched on Branch, Bartram's Garden, Philadelphia
A blue-headed vireo, sitting upright on a branch, with foliage surrounding
Blue Headed Vireo, Sitting Upright, Cobbs Creek Park, Philadelphia
An American Black Duck, with dark brown body and yellow bill, in water, with ripples
American Black Duck, Duck Pond, Haverford College
Two common mergansers, brightly colored diving ducks, swimming in ripply water with reflection of trees and reeds
Common Mergansers, Female and Male, John Heinz NWR
A great blue heron standing on ice in a frozen wetland
Great Blue Heron on Ice in Winter, John Heinz NWR
A rufous hummingbird perched in bare branches in winter
Rufous Hummingbird, Palmyra Cove Nature Center
A Great Blue Heron wading in a swampy area
Great Blue Heron, John Heinz NWR, Philadelphia
A first winter white-crowned sparrow, fairly drab, perched on a black chain-link fence
White Crowned Sparrow, First Winter, on a Chain-Link Fence
A fall magnolia warbler in a tree
Magnolia Warbler, Fall, in a Dogwood Tree
A yellowlegs sandpiper standing in water with vegetation.
Yellowlegs (Sandpiper) - Is it a Greater or Lesser Yellowlegs?
A juvenile cooper's hawk, showing brown streaks on pale breast, yellow eye, and long, gray striped tail, against a leafy background.
Juvenile Cooper's Hawk, Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia
A wood nettle, showing some green-and-white variegation on its leaves, illuminated by bright sunlight, on the forest floor
Wood Nettle (Laportea canadensis?) with Natural Variegation
A juvenile yellow-crowned night-heron, perched on the edge of dense vegetation on the edge of a muddy stream.
Juvenile Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
A flooded driveway and fallen autumn leaves on the sidewalk, along a city street
Leaves and Water, Rainy Day in Philadelphia
A red-tailed hawk carrying a large stick, in a black walnut tree
Red Tailed Hawk with Stick
Perilla, growing wild amongst other plants
Perilla, John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge
A willow tree in wetlands, with yellowing leaves, and a cascade of intense red-colored vines in it
Virginia Creeper in Willow Tree, Fall Colors
A black-and-white warbler, small, black and white striped bird, on a small branch or large twig, with blurry branches in the background
Black and White Warbler, Fall, Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia
A brown-headed cowbird, perched on a fence, with black body, dark brown head, and very heavy, stout black bill
Brown-headed Cowbird, Male
Six male brown-headed cowbirds on a fence, with a blooming meadow in the background and grass seedheads in the foreground
Brown-headed Cowbirds (Male) on a Fence
A sunflower facing the other direction, displaying yellow petals around the edge, broad leaves somewhat wrinkled, a chain link fence and some wires and trees and a builidng in the background
Sunflower Facing Away
Vacant lot showing numerous weedy plants, some exposed ground, and two bare walls along the back, with a brick house viewable behind
Vacant Lot at Fairmount Ave and American Ave in Philadelphia
A gray juvenile bird with a few yellowish feathers, and a yellow bird, perched on a branch, surrounded by weedy foliage
Juvenile Yellow Warbler with its Mother
Water with several adult Canada Geese, and several large, partly grown goslings following them
Canada Geese with Large Goslings, John Heinz NWR
Red Camellia leaves, with black ants and tiny green aphids on them, and green leaves in the background
Ants Tending Aphids on Camellia Leaves
Chickory flowers, pale blue daisy-like flowers with a darker blue center, in a weedy meadow with a few other flowers around the edge
Chickory Flowers, Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia
A meadow-like area with numerous light blue chickory flowers in bloom, and some other yellow flowers visible too, with trees in the background
Field of Chickory Flowers, Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia
Red-winged blackbird, a jet black bird with a bright red shoulder-patch lined with a bright yellow edge, on a bare branch looking downward, about to leap off in flight
Red-winged Blackbird About To Launch
A tree swallow, showing shiny blue top, grayish wings, and white breast, perched on a dead branch, with foliage of a tree behind, against a bright blue sky
Tree Swallow Perched on Dead Branch
A creek entering a stone culvert in a sunny area, with rocks and weedy plants about
West Branch, Indian Creek, Entering Culvert in Morris Park, Philadelphia
A rocky creek in an open area, with small willows and some dead trees, and forest around the edge
West Branch, Indian Creek in Morris Park, Philadelphia
Photo of a deciduous forest in May, showing straight gray treetrunks, bright green leaves, and leaf litter and some dead wood on the forest floor
Forest in Rittenhouse Park, Newark, DE
A wide path going uphill through a forest, with sunlight filtering through the leaves
Forested Path, Rittenhouse Park, Newark, DE
A narrow footbridge across a creek, in a forested park, showing greenish-painted metal railings, with a tree trunk in the foreground
Footbridge in Rittenhouse Park, Newark, DE
A creek showing brownish green water, trees around the edge, and a cut stump on a grassy bank in the foreground
Rittenhouse Park, the Christiana Creek, and a Tree Stump, in Newark, Delaware
Wetlands, showing water in foreground and various water plants around the edge, with shrubs and forest behind that
Wetlands in the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge
Bonaparte's gull, against water, showing the upperside of wings with bold but narrow M pattern
Bonaparte's Gull on the Delaware River
Two Bonaparte's gulls, showing underside of the wings and pink legs, with water behind them
Bonaparte's Gulls on the Delaware River
A segment of grass near a sidewalk, with violets and dandelions blooming, and clover
Biodiverse Grass, Bryn Athyn, PA
Photo of a hermit thrush perched on a branch, from behind, showing brown upper back and reddish rump and tail
Hermit Thrush - Reddish Tail and Rump
A strange photo taken looking up into the top part of a modern bank lobby, showing some bare tree branches visible out the window, and more bare tree branches visible in a reflection looking out a window behind the picture, and the TD Bank logo at the bot
Nature Patterns and Reflections in Glass, TD Bank, Jenkintown, PA
A wild turkey flying over wetlands, with reeds in foreground, water, and a blur of bare vegetation in the background
Wild Turkey Flying
Male American Robin, chubby, with vibrant red breast, in grass, with scattered dead leaves
American Robin (Male) on Lawn
White-breasted nuthatch, climbing down a tree trunk, upside down
White-Breasted Nuthatch, Upside Down
A fairly wide creek, in a forested area, in winter
Pennypack Creek in Pennypack Preserve, in Winter
Leaves in a shallow pool of water, in a grassy lawn
Leaves in Water in a Grassy Lawn
Shaggy tree trunks, in front of a reedy wetland, with more trees in the background, all bare and brown and gray
Trees in Wetlands of Phillips Park, in Winter
Grassy, reedy area of wetlands, with trees visible in background, railroad tracks far in distance
Wetlands in Phillips Park, Winter
paved path and flat wooden bridge over wetlands, with forest in background
Phillips Park, Walkway Through Wetlands in Winter
Dark tree trunks in a forest, bright white snow, on a sunny day in winter
Woods in Phillips Park, Newark, DE, with Light Snow
Shadows of trees casting horizontal lines on the snow, perpendicular to straight trees in the background
Tree Shadows: Lines on the Snow
Snow in foreground, barren trees in background, with a lone green pine, and a shadow of me with a hat and winter gear on
Snow in Phillips Park, and a Shadow of My Hat
Two Egpyptian geese landing in a wetland in winter, showing bold white and black on wings and a black ring around the eye, with three ducks in the wetland too
Egyptian Geese Landing, Newark, Delaware
Open wetlands showing murky water, arrowhead plants, and short reeds and then trees along the back
Wetlands in Dragon Run Park, Delaware City
A common box turtle, showing orange and black patterned shell, and a red eye, walking across muddy ground
Common Box Turtle, White Clay Creek Preserve, PA
A meandering creek with a rocky sandbar on the right, and forest on either side, in spring
Rocky Sandbar in White Clay Creek State Park
Bloodroot leaves, oddly shaped leaves, broad, heart-like with lobes near the tip, among other leafy plants close to the ground
Bloodroot And Other Plants
A Canada Goose in a shallow creek, with box elder foliage in the foreground
Canada Goose, White Clay Creek, and Box Elders
A great blue heron wading in a muddy creek in spring, with the watre showing a reflection of trees with light green spring foliage
Great Blue Heron, White Clay Creek State Park
A large, open creek in a forested area, leafing out in spring, with two pillars from an old bridge visible in the distance
White Clay Creek, Old Bridge, Rocks in Stream
A large piece of driftwood sticking out of relatively calm water, with a male mallard duck resting on it, and a canada goose swimming away in the background
Driftwood in Lake Erie, and a Mallard
Maroon and green colored insect with powerful forearms, on an intense pinkish-red rose petal
Closeup of Ambush Bug (Phymatinae) on a Rose
Bright red rose blossom with a dark red and green ambush bug on its petals, blurry rose leaves and other foliage in the background
Ambush Bug (Phymatinae) on a Rose
A rocky island showing a little green on top, at low tide, showing dark rocks in the tidal zone, surrounded with water, with rocks in the foreground
Fox Island, Reid State Park
A wild turkey and a partly-grown chick in a grassy lawn
Wild Turkey with Chick
Wetlands with tall reeds and cattails, and a few small plants in the foreground, showing a brief patch of water and sky, the water reflecting clouds in a bright sky showing purplish colors of a sunset
Shaker Lakes Wetlands, near Sunset
A frozen lake on the left, and bare trees on the right, with a few pine trees along the far shore of the lake
Shaker Lakes, Frozen
An unfrozen stream flowing through snow-covered ground in a forest with trees of varying diameters
Stream, Shaker Lakes, in Winter
A photo of numerous fallen autumn leaves of different colors and shapes, on grass
Fallen Autumn Leaves, Cleveland
Photo of cliffs with exposed stone and green vegetation on top, next to a body of grayish water, and a mostly gray sky above, some dead wood and debris on shore in foreground
Calvert Cliffs
Water showing water lily leaves, trees, and various wetland plants
Water in Wetlands, Calvert Cliffs State Park
Wetlands with low but dense vegetation, numerous dead trees rising from them, and forest in the background.
Wetlands in Calvert Cliffs State Park