Photos: Cactus Pear Photos

Photos of cactus pears, the edible fruit of cacti in the Opuntia genus (prickly pears).

A straggling prickly pear cactus overflowing from a pot on a city sidewalk, up against a building, with numerous unripe fruit
Opuntia (Prickly Pear) Plant with Unripe Fruit (Cactus Pears)
A single ripe red cactus pear on an opuntia cactus
Cactus Pear on Cactus
Cactus pears, a deep red and green in color
Cactus Pears - Andy Boy
Xoconostle, small cactus pears with pink and light green color, with light, dusty-looking skin.
Xoconostle - Close Up
Xoconostle, small cactus pears on the left, pale pink and greenish, and larger, regular cactus pears on the right, rich reddish and deeper green
Xoconostle and (Regular) Cactus Pears