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Who are you?

Hello and Welcome! I am Alex Zorach, the creator of this site.

I also run RateTea, have a YouTube channel, and am one of the co-founders of Why This Way, which is a consensus-based belief system and organization.

What are your credentials?

Alex, chillin'.
I have a B.A in mathematics (2002) from Oberlin College, an M.S. in applied mathematics (2007) from the University of Delaware, and an M.A. in statistics (2008) from Yale University. I have worked for over two years running my own computer consulting business, Sustainable Computing. I also have experience doing taxes for H&R Block, and working as a research assistant to the theoretical ecologist Robert E. Ulanowicz. I have also worked for GCRTA, the Greater Cleveland Rapid Transit Authority, in Operations Research.

I have also worked as a statistical consultant. Currently, I only do statistical work for my own websites. I also have done a lot of tutoring, particularly in the areas of math, statistics, and computers.

I don't think these things say very much: I do not recommend trusting someone just because they have a degree or have experience that sounds impressive; it's really easy to "talk up" your experience, especially if you know what people are looking for. I trust that you can evaluate the material on my site by its content, and by any references I might give.

What is the idea behind

I created this site before Wikipedia existed, and I originally intended it to contain factual and scholarly content. However, when wikipedia came into being, I shifted to contributing this type of content to Wikipedia almost exclusively. became a place for sharing my personal opinions, experiences, viewpoints, values, and beliefs. In short, this site became a place to publish information I want to publish that cannot be referenced in a reliable source to the extent that it can be included in Wikipedia.

As Why This Way came into being, and once we set up the Wiki, I came to contribute a little less here on certain topics, including religion and psychology, but I do still write about these topics here. The material on the Why This Way Wiki reflects the consensus of the group, whereas this site reflects my own personal views, which tend to agree with the consensus of Why This Way, but may be more specific in numerous ways.

I tend to go through periods of time where I contribute more to this site, and other times when I contribute more to other sites. I'm nearly always writing somewhere though.

Do you have a hidden agenda?

I do have an agenda, but it is not hidden. I tend to be committed to sustainability, and am interested in respectful communication and approaching life in a positive, empowering way. If you are interested in reading in more depth about my views on particular issues, you may want to look at the Political Platform, or read some material in my religion section. I am very interested in the pursuit of truth, and I am highly concerned with the accuracy of everything in my site, so if you have any suggestions, criticism, or feedback, please contact me.

What is the official flag and what are its colors?

Who maintains

Right now, I'm the only person maintaining it.

Can I play any role in

Yes. I am willing and eager to let other people contribute to this site, but I do not accept guest posts or articles. If you have links that you would like me to add, or if you have something you have written that you would like me to post on this site, I would be glad to do so. I also appreciate any sort of feedback: I want to hear about what you like and dislike, and what sections you would like me to focus on developing. Contact me!

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