Photos: Gardening Photos

Photos of gardens, or photos of plants grown in gardens, with an emphasis on the use of these plants in gardening or landscaping.

A straggling prickly pear cactus overflowing from a pot on a city sidewalk, up against a building, with numerous unripe fruit
Opuntia (Prickly Pear) Plant with Unripe Fruit (Cactus Pears)
Variegated Japanese knotweed, with a dense tangle of foliage and stems, showing mostly white leaves with green flecks, some yellowish leaves, and pink or red on the stalks where the leaves branch off
Variegated Japanese Knotweed
A tropical-looking evergreen plant with tough leaves, light green with yellow spots, in a bed of myrtle with lavender blooms
Spotted Laurel (Acuba japonica variegata)
A man spraying herbicides into a flower bed, on a college campus
Man Spraying Herbicides, University of Delaware
a garden showing a small southern magnolia tree, and many other plants, in front of a white garage, in a residential neighborhood, in winter
Southern Magnolia in Lancaster, PA
Bamboo, mostly brown and yellow, unhealthy looking, with snow on the ground
Bamboo in Cleveland in Winter
A fig tree planted up against a wall, cut back within a few feet of the ground, some leafless vines climbing the wall, and some grass and leaves on the ground
Fig Tree in Cleveland, Cut Back for Winter
A large windmill palm tree growing outside a modern brick building, just taller than the 1-story building, with lush foliage
Cold-Hardy Palm Tree (Trachycarpus fortunei) at UMCES, Solomons, MD