Photos: Transit (Public Transportation) Photos

Photos of public transportation, including bus, rail. Photos include subway and rail stations, trains, trolleys, bus stops, buses, photos taken of or within transit infrastructure, advertisements related to transit, and in short, any photo connected anyhow to public transportation. I am a huge fan of and advocate for public transportation: please also visit my page on public transportation if you have not done so already.

An orange subway train in a newish, mostly gray and silver subway station
SEPTA Broad Street Line Train
Interior of a subway station, clean, relatively new, with gray tile and orange signs reading: Oregon
Oregon Station, SEPTA Broad Street line
The entrance to the SEPTA station at city hall, Philadelphia, surrounded by tents and people of the Occupy Philly protest
SEPTA Entrance, Surrounded by Occupy Philly Protest
Empty bus with doors open, next to a wide sidewalk terrace with no people, trees in the background
SEPTA Route 11 Bus (Substituting for Trolley)
An advertisement showing a supermarket and employee, saying: WE SELL SEPTA PASSES AND TOKENS.  DELICIOUS!  Buy your passes or tokens at Shoprite.
SEPTA Tokens are Delicious - Shoprite Ad
A city intersection with an attractive 3-story building with a turret, with a crossroads of trolley tracks in the street, and two trolleys right and left, one on each street
(Diverted) SEPTA Trolleys at 40th and Filbert
Entry gates at a transit station, with red trim reading Entry, one gate wider with a handicap-accessible sign on it
Gates, PATCO Station, 8th Street, Philadelphia
Two electronic PATCO ticket machines, with metal, yellow, and black surfaces and lots of color, a red PATCO station in the background
PATCO Ticket Machines, 8th Street Station, Philadelphia
An elevated-line train departing a train station, with the tracks running into the distance
SEPTA El (Elevated) Train, 46th and Market, Departing Westbound
A SEPTA elevated train in a station, with a building's clocktower in the background
SEPTA El (Elevated) Train, 46th and Market, Market-Frankford Line
A train station just after dusk, showing tracks and a low platform, with an illuminated athletic field on the left, and a few lingering colors of sunset in the distance
SEPTA's 49th Street Station
A coach bus parked in a parking lot in a city, with BIEBER written on the side
Bieber Bus
A sign on a low ceiling reading: caution, low head room, showing a picture of a person's head and a bump, with the person saying ouch
Caution Low Head Room Sign, Philadelphia Transit Concourse
A SEPTA Trolley, white with the red and blue SEPTA logo, showing overhead wires and trees in the background, with the marquee reading: 13 58th-CHESTER
SEPTA Route 13 Trolley, Chester Ave
A SEPTA bus in a neighborhood with huge trees and ornate, old houses, approaching a sign that shows both a bus stop and a do-not-enter sign
Sedgwick Street, Philadelphia
A historic train, painted red, reading: NORFOLK SOUTHERN, behind a chain-link fence on a bright, cloudy day
Norfolk Southern Historic Passenger Train
A framework of red metal and glass, with lush green vegetation on a sloping hillside behind
West 25th Rapid Station, Cleveland: Red Metal, Glass, and Japanese Knotweed