Photos: Forest Photos

Photos of forests and photos taken within forests. This album includes parks and nature preserves, but only includes areas with sizeable tracts of wild forest, where trees are allowed to reproduce naturally, and does not include parks where a majority of trees are planted.

Photo of a deciduous forest in May, showing straight gray treetrunks, bright green leaves, and leaf litter and some dead wood on the forest floor
Forest in Rittenhouse Park, Newark, DE
A wide path going uphill through a forest, with sunlight filtering through the leaves
Forested Path, Rittenhouse Park, Newark, DE
Dark tree trunks in a forest, bright white snow, on a sunny day in winter
Woods in Phillips Park, Newark, DE, with Light Snow
A great blue heron wading in a muddy creek in spring, with the watre showing a reflection of trees with light green spring foliage
Great Blue Heron, White Clay Creek State Park
A large, open creek in a forested area, leafing out in spring, with two pillars from an old bridge visible in the distance
White Clay Creek, Old Bridge, Rocks in Stream
An unfrozen stream flowing through snow-covered ground in a forest with trees of varying diameters
Stream, Shaker Lakes, in Winter