Photos: Occupy Philly

Photos of the Occupy Philly protest, located outside city hall in Philadelphia.

Training and library tent at Occupy Philly, a light green tent with lots of books
Occupy Philly, Training and Library Tent
A large whiteboard in a dry fountain, reading: Occupy Philly education and Training Schedule
Occupy Philly Education and Training Schedule Board
A cluttered children's area, outdoors, in an encampment with lots of colorful tents, showing toys and children's books
Children's Play Area, Occupy Philly
A picture of Frankenstein, labelled Mitt Romney, attached to a tree, surrounded by tents in a city
Mitt Romney Frankenstein, Occupy Philly
Rows of colorful tents on a plaza, with Philadelphia's city hall on the left, and some mostly bare trees in the background, with tall buildings behind them
Tents at Occupy Philly Encampment
A tent at a protest, with a small sign: SAFETY, among other signs, including a bold sign against fracking
Occupy Philadelphia, Safety Tent
The entrance to the SEPTA station at city hall, Philadelphia, surrounded by tents and people of the Occupy Philly protest
SEPTA Entrance, Surrounded by Occupy Philly Protest
Three musicians, with two guitar players, and one man watching, at the Occupy Philly protest in front of city hall, Philadelphia
Musicians at the Occupy Philly Protest
A gray tent with a colorful sign: BOOKS, with two people in it, and a bunch of books
Books Tent, Occupy Philly
Philadelphia's city hall viewed from a distance, with protesters and tents in front
Occupy Philadelphia Protest, City Hall