Photos: Philadelphia Photos

Photos of or taken within the city limits of Philadelphia, PA.

Blue wood aster, showing many small light blue daisy-like flowers, with red centers
Blue Wood Aster at Grays Ferry Crescent Trail, Philadelphia
Closeup of blue wood aster flowers in a flower bed
A Blue Wood Aster Growing in a Philadelphia Flowerbed
Ironweed, with dark green leaves and vibrant purple flowers, with one leaf showing damage from a leaf borer
Ironweed (Vernonia sp.) in Bloom, Showing Leaf Borer Damage
A canada warbler with tail up, hidden behind some dense vegetation
Canada Warbler (August), Cobbs Creek Park, Philadelphia
A dense mat of blue-green grass
A Mat of Nimblewill Grass, Growing Near a Street
A swainson's thrush, singing in an American holly tree
Swainsons Thrush, Singing, Kaskey Park, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
A blue-headed vireo, sitting upright on a branch, with foliage surrounding
Blue Headed Vireo, Sitting Upright, Cobbs Creek Park, Philadelphia
A chipping sparrow, in a gravely area
Chipping Sparrow, Bartram's Garden
Sichuan dry pot, a colorful dish in a metal bowl, with lots of hot peppers, and a white bowl of seafood tofu soup
Dry Pot and Seafood Tofu Soup, Chili Szechuan, West Philadelphia
A Great Blue Heron wading in a swampy area
Great Blue Heron, John Heinz NWR, Philadelphia
A first winter white-crowned sparrow, fairly drab, perched on a black chain-link fence
White Crowned Sparrow, First Winter, on a Chain-Link Fence
A fall magnolia warbler in a tree
Magnolia Warbler, Fall, in a Dogwood Tree
A yellowlegs sandpiper standing in water with vegetation.
Yellowlegs (Sandpiper) - Is it a Greater or Lesser Yellowlegs?
A juvenile cooper's hawk, showing brown streaks on pale breast, yellow eye, and long, gray striped tail, against a leafy background.
Juvenile Cooper's Hawk, Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia
A juvenile yellow-crowned night-heron, perched on the edge of dense vegetation on the edge of a muddy stream.
Juvenile Yellow-crowned Night-Heron
A row of Christmas Camellias, in bloom, evergreen plants with big red flowers, outside a relatively ugly blue building
Christmas Camellia & Relatively Ugly Architecture
A flooded driveway and fallen autumn leaves on the sidewalk, along a city street
Leaves and Water, Rainy Day in Philadelphia
An orange subway train in a newish, mostly gray and silver subway station
SEPTA Broad Street Line Train
Interior of a subway station, clean, relatively new, with gray tile and orange signs reading: Oregon
Oregon Station, SEPTA Broad Street line
A perilla plant growing in a flower bed in an urban area
Perilla Plant, 40th Street, Philadelphia
The entrance to the SEPTA station at city hall, Philadelphia, surrounded by tents and people of the Occupy Philly protest
SEPTA Entrance, Surrounded by Occupy Philly Protest
A gray tent with a colorful sign: BOOKS, with two people in it, and a bunch of books
Books Tent, Occupy Philly
Philadelphia's city hall viewed from a distance, with protesters and tents in front
Occupy Philadelphia Protest, City Hall
A cemetery, with trees, and a few high-rise buildings in the background
Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia, Looking North
Three high-rise buildings behind trees showing the beginnings of fall color
High Rise Dorms, University of Pennsylvania, from Woodland Cemetery
A river with the Philadelphia skyline on the right and some shipyard equipment on the left
Philadelphia Skyline, Across the Delaware River From National Park, NJ
A walkway with a river on the left, a bridge and some industrial stuff in the distance
Delaware River, from National Park, NJ
A modern skyscraper rising into a cloud, with its top not visible, a large brick building on the left
Low Clouds Obscuring Comcast Center, Philadelphia, From Chinatown
A storefront with a green awning reading Makkah Market, with arabic lettering as well
Makkah Market, Philadelphia
A tree fallen across a street, crushing a car and smashing its rear windshield
Car Crushed by Tree, Hurricane Irene
Three large planters of ornamental sweet potatoes, on a brick sidewalk, with leaves and plants torn off and lying on the ground
Ornamental Sweet Potatoes, After Hurricane Irene
Blue-purple morning glories blooming, on a chain link fence, sunlight filtering through
Blue/Purple Morning Glories on Chain-Link Fence
A concrete median on a busy street, littered with broken glass, branches, trash, and other debris, a few stunted trees growing in it, and a parking garage on the left
Median With Debris, 38th Street, Philadelphia
Empty bus with doors open, next to a wide sidewalk terrace with no people, trees in the background
SEPTA Route 11 Bus (Substituting for Trolley)
A city intersection with an attractive 3-story building with a turret, with a crossroads of trolley tracks in the street, and two trolleys right and left, one on each street
(Diverted) SEPTA Trolleys at 40th and Filbert
A fig tree, with unripe figs, at night, in a yard in a residential neighborhood, with orange lighting from street lights
Fig Tree at Night, West Philadelphia
Entry gates at a transit station, with red trim reading Entry, one gate wider with a handicap-accessible sign on it
Gates, PATCO Station, 8th Street, Philadelphia
Two electronic PATCO ticket machines, with metal, yellow, and black surfaces and lots of color, a red PATCO station in the background
PATCO Ticket Machines, 8th Street Station, Philadelphia
A mural painted on concrete under a bridge, depicting bicyclists in a bicycle race
Mural of Bicyclists, Race Street, Philadelphia
An elevated-line train departing a train station, with the tracks running into the distance
SEPTA El (Elevated) Train, 46th and Market, Departing Westbound
A SEPTA elevated train in a station, with a building's clocktower in the background
SEPTA El (Elevated) Train, 46th and Market, Market-Frankford Line
A navy blue volvo station wagon on the near side of a street and a beige volvo station wagon parked opposite, across the street, in an urban residential neighborhood
Two Volvo Station Wagons Parked in Philadelphia
A navy blue Volvo station wagon 850, with New Jersey plates, parked on a city street
Navy Blue Volvo Station Wagon 850
A beige Volvo stationwagon 940 turbo, in good condition, parked on a city street
Beige Volvo Station Wagon 940 Turbo
A train station just after dusk, showing tracks and a low platform, with an illuminated athletic field on the left, and a few lingering colors of sunset in the distance
SEPTA's 49th Street Station
A sunflower facing the other direction, displaying yellow petals around the edge, broad leaves somewhat wrinkled, a chain link fence and some wires and trees and a builidng in the background
Sunflower Facing Away
A straggling prickly pear cactus overflowing from a pot on a city sidewalk, up against a building, with numerous unripe fruit
Opuntia (Prickly Pear) Plant with Unripe Fruit (Cactus Pears)
A coach bus parked in a parking lot in a city, with BIEBER written on the side
Bieber Bus
A sign on a low ceiling reading: caution, low head room, showing a picture of a person's head and a bump, with the person saying ouch
Caution Low Head Room Sign, Philadelphia Transit Concourse
Photo of red shiso, a basil-like plant with dark red leaves, growing in cracks in a sidewalk, with a few other plants coming up as well
Red Shiso (Perilla) Growing in Cracks in a Brick Sidewalk
A tiny cobblestone alley with brick streets, with old brick rowhouses, and a paved side-street going to the right
Panama St. at Iseminger St., Philadelphia
Two house sparrows on a coarse gray street, with a piece of food in between, the one an adult male showing bold black throat patch and reddish on head, the other a juvenile begging for food
House Sparrows with Food, in Street
Two large stone columns with metal doors in them, with an open gate leading into a cemetery with lush, green trees, a sidewalk and street in front
Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia, Main Entrance
A SEPTA Trolley, white with the red and blue SEPTA logo, showing overhead wires and trees in the background, with the marquee reading: 13 58th-CHESTER
SEPTA Route 13 Trolley, Chester Ave
A large weedy thicket of paper mulberry trees, overgrowing a fence and low stone wall, in front of a pale yellow brick building with no windows, and a broken lamp post along a path with stairs
Paper Mulberry Thicket, 41st Street, Philadelphia
An old brick sidewalk, being encroached upon by ivy, and showing some small dry leaves
Brick Sidewalk, 41st Street, Philadelphia
Foliage of a large northern red oak tree, showing large, deeply lobed leaves with sharp points, with a brick building showing behind the tree on the right
Northern Red Oak, 41st Street, West Philadelphia
Leaves and young branches of a paper mulberry tree, showing large, deeply lobed leaves covered with dense hairs, branching from hairy stems in both opposite and alternate patterns.
Paper Mulberry Tree Showing Both Alternate and Opposite Leaves
A storefront with some outdoor seating with two umbrellas, a banner hung above the storefront reading: LIVE SALSA EVERY FRIDAY
Cafe Clave Storefront, West Philadelphia
A colorful mural on a brick wall, showing a night sky with a city, and cosmic themes with round dots and an assortment of objects
Wonders of Radio Mural (Kids Corner Mural), CVS, 43rd at Locust, West Philadelphia
Leaves of a juneberry bush, showing a pointed oval shape with very finely serrated edges, the bush on the left in a bed with ivy, and a brick path on the right.
Juneberry Leaves, Woodland Walk, Philadelphia
A two-story log cabin, surrounded by trees, in a city
Log Cabin in Philadelphia
Kudzu vines growing over something, completely covering it, with a plain modern building in the background.
Kudzu Infestation in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia
A lidded bowl with Chinese characters, hourglass tea timer, small glass jar on a plate, and two small teacups
Teaware for Serving tea, Random Tea Room, Philadelphia
A green-painted storefront with a small sign reading: random tea room, in a row of brick houses, worn down, but ornate, on a city street
Random Tea Room, Philadelphia, Storefront
A small city street with three story red brick rowhouses, with a massive trumpet vine growing on something like a street tree, with dark green foliage and bright reddish-orange trumpet-shaped flowers
Trumpet Vine on a Philadelphia Street
Vacant lot showing numerous weedy plants, some exposed ground, and two bare walls along the back, with a brick house viewable behind
Vacant Lot at Fairmount Ave and American Ave in Philadelphia
Peppergrass plant, showing unripe seedheads of numerous green, flat seeds, growing from a spindly-looking plant with thin, wiry, dark green leaves
Peppergrass (Lepidium virginicum)
Common ragweed plants in a vacant lot, showing rich foliage of finely-divided, almost fernlike leaves, viewed from above
Common Ragweed Plants, Philadelphia
Closeup photo of a hop vine, showing deeply lobed leaves with a rough-looking texture
Hop Vine Closeup, Philadelphia
A hop vine, with deeply lobed leaves, climbing a chain-lined fence, with a red gate on the left, sidewalk in foreground, and some weedy plants in the back
Hop Vines Growing Wild, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia
Water with several adult Canada Geese, and several large, partly grown goslings following them
Canada Geese with Large Goslings, John Heinz NWR
A common plantain plant, showing tough, round leaves with ridges, growing radially, in some mulch
Common Plantain (Plantago major) in Mulch, Philadelphia
Chickory flowers, pale blue daisy-like flowers with a darker blue center, in a weedy meadow with a few other flowers around the edge
Chickory Flowers, Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia
A meadow-like area with numerous light blue chickory flowers in bloom, and some other yellow flowers visible too, with trees in the background
Field of Chickory Flowers, Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia
A marsh wren, a small brownish bird, holding its tail cocked upwards, on a reed bending over under the bird's weight, with another read and some  foliage on the side of the photo, sky in the background
Marsh Wren on a Reed
Small, bright red cherries, on a tree, with leaves and branches, in bright sunlight
Ornamental Sour Cherries, Kaskey Park, University of Pennsylvania
A juneberry bush with rounded leaves, and numerous blueberry-shaped berries, of varying colors from greenish white to pinks and deep purples
Juneberries (Serviceberries) on Tree, Woodland Walk, Philadelphia
A creek entering a stone culvert in a sunny area, with rocks and weedy plants about
West Branch, Indian Creek, Entering Culvert in Morris Park, Philadelphia
A rocky creek in an open area, with small willows and some dead trees, and forest around the edge
West Branch, Indian Creek in Morris Park, Philadelphia
Wetlands, showing water in foreground and various water plants around the edge, with shrubs and forest behind that
Wetlands in the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge
A SEPTA bus in a neighborhood with huge trees and ornate, old houses, approaching a sign that shows both a bus stop and a do-not-enter sign
Sedgwick Street, Philadelphia
An orchard oriole, a bird with a black head and back and dark red breast, and thin black bill, perched in dense foliage of a scarlet oak
Orchard Oriole in Scarlet Oak, Bartram's Garden
A black-throated blue warbler, small bird with black face and throat, white breast and underside, and gray-blue back, in a tree
Black-throated Blue Warbler, Bartram's Garden, Philadelphia
Black-and-white warbler, a small, black and white striped bird, on a branch of an oak tree, with yellowish green leaves and sky in the background
Black-and-White Warbler, Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia
An ovenbird, foraging for food in some mulch, photo clearly showing dark-spotted white breast, olive-brown back, crown stripe, and eye ring
Ovenbird, Kaskey Park, UPenn, Philadelphia
Warbling vireo, a small, drab gray bird, climbing among branches
Warbling Vireo in Bartram's Garden
Chipping sparrow feeding in weedy grass, with abundant dandelion flowers and seedheads
Chipping Sparrow in Cobbs Creek Park