Photos: Tea Photos

Photos relating to tea and herbal tea, including loose-leaf tea, tea bags, brewed cups of tea, iced tea, teaware, and plants used to grow herbal tea. To learn more about tea, please visit RateTea, an interactive website that I created that is the most comprehensive resource for tea on the web.

Loose-leaf tea showing downy white hairs on buds, and twisted, yellow-green leaves
Snow Buds (Xue Ya), Loose-Leaf Organic Green/White Tea from Arbor Teas
Closeup of dried vana tulsi, showing large pieces of twisted, curled leaves and stems
Loose-leaf Vana Tulsi (Holy Basil) from Mountain Rose Herbs
Loose green-leafed holy basil, dried, with large, broken pieces of green leaves, and some brown mixed in
Loose-leaf Green-leaf or Rama Tulsi (Holy Basil) from Mountain Rose Herbs
Loose-leaf Darjeeling tea, showing some greenish leaf, and curved, large pieces of leaf
Loose-Leaf Darjeeling, Ahmad Tea
Large, intact leaves of oolong tea, attached to stems and showing lightly serrated edges
Leaves of Taiwan Alishan Oolong Tea from TeaVivre, After Brewing
A spoon of spiced rooibos, showing mostly red rooibos leaf and stem with some spices
Chai Rooibos (Spiced Rooibos), Loose-leaf, from Culinary Teas
A spoon of loose-leaf black tea, showing large, dark intact leaves
Chingwo County Tea, Loose-leaf Black Tea from Culinary Teas
Closeup of roasted green tea leaves, showing dark brown, rolled appearance, with some twig
Loose-leaf Houjicha (Hojicha), Japanese Roasted Green Tea, from Wegmans
Closeup of green tea, showing twisted leaves with rich green color
Yun Wu (Cloud Mist), Loose-leaf Green Tea from San Francisco Herb Company
Closeup of dried, broken leaves with a rich green color and some light brown
Yaupon Leaf, Green (Unroasted) from Cat Spring Yaupon Tea
Heterogeneous, brown, thick chunks of broken leaves
Yaupon Leaf, Black (Roasted) from Cat Spring Yaupon Tea
Loose-leaf green tea showing small leaves with a lightly curled shape
Tender Tip Country Green (Chun Mee Green Tea), from Foojoy, Loose-leaf
Closeup of green tea leaves, showing some twig and large, broken pieces
Loose-leaf Bancha, Japanese Green Tea, Hime Brand
Closeup of green tea broken into small flake-like pieces
Sencha, Loose-leaf Japanese Green Tea, from Maeda-En
Fine tea leaves with a heterogenerous color, ranging from light green to brown, curly, some with fine hairs
Darjeeling Sungma First Flush, Loose-leaf Tea from Happy Earth Tea
Closeup of dark brown roasted tea leaves and twigs
Yamamotoyama Hoji Cha, Loose-Leaf Japanese Roasted Green Tea
Closeup of loose-leaf sencha, a green tea with straight, thin leaves
Sencha Overture, Loose-leaf Japanese Green Tea from Adagio Tea
Loose-leaf kukicha, showing bright yellowish-green twigs
Kukicha (Japanese Twig Tea), Loose-leaf Green Tea from Adagio Teas
Loose-leaf green tea with very long, flat leaves
Taiping Hou Kui, Loose-Leaf Green Tea with Very Long Leaves
Loose-leaf green tea showing whole, gray-green leaves with a long, twisted shape
Ha Dong Bohea Loose-leaf Korean Green Tea
Closeup of high-grade black tea showing twisted leaves with a greenish color and some downy hairs
Temi SFTGFOP1 First Flush, Loose-Leaf Sikkim Black Tea from Republic of Tea
Loose-leaf black tea showing golden tips and a curved, twisted shape
Red Tea (Black Tea) from the Tie Guan Yin Cultivar, from Life in Teacup
Loose-leaf green tea with silvery buds, curled into squiggly, almost snail-like shapes
Bi Luo Chun, Green Snail Spring, Loose-leaf Green Tea from China
Tightly rolled oolong tea leaves, with an intense green color
Green Tie Guan Yin, Loose-leaf Oolong Tea
Loose-leaf green tea showing large, curled leaves with a vibrant green color
Lu An Melon Seed (Liu An Gua Pian) Green Tea, Loose-Leaf
Small pieces of dried green leaves against a white background
Lemon Verbena, Dried, Broken / Cut Leaf, from Frontier Coop
Broken, dried lemon balm leaves, showing small, dull green pieces of leaf
Lemon Balm, Dried, Broken, from Frontier Coop
Large pieces of white tea leaf, with heterogeneous color: silvery, green, and brown
Indian White Tea (Loose-leaf), from Frontier Coop
Dark brown twigs on a white background
Kukicha (Japanese Twig Tea), Also Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea) from Frontier Coop
dark green, large, dry tea leaves, broken somewhat
Bancha (Japanese Green Tea) from Frontier Coop
genmaicha with matcha, loose-leaf green tea with toasted rice, coated in powdered green tea
Genmaimatcha, Loose-leaf tea (Matcha+Brown Rice Tea) from Wegmans
Sencha leaf coated with matcha, showing a powdery, bright green appearance
Sencha/Matcha Loose-leaf Green Tea from Wegmans
Loose-leaf dragonwell green tea, with long, flat leaves, this one showing blunt ends
Dragonwell Green Tea (Long Jing) from Wegmans, Loose-Leaf
Silvery downy tips of tea
Jasmine Silver Needle Tea, Loose-Leaf, from Wegmans
Closeup of green tea leaves, showing a bit of stem, and slightly curved leaves
Loose-leaf Jasmine Green Tea from Wegmans
Close-up of loose leaf tamaryokucha tea, with thin, small twisted green leaves of an intense green color
Tama Ryokucha (Tamaryokucha), Loose-Leaf Green Tea from Wegmans
Silver needle white tea, showing silvery tea leaf tips covered in downy white hairs
Loose-Leaf Silver Needle White Tea, from Wegmans
green tea tightly-rolled into small pearl shapes
Jasmine Pearls (Organic) Loose-leaf Green Tea from Wegmans
dried chamomile flowers, with golden flowerheads
Dried Chamomile Flowers (Loose-leaf) from Wegmans
Hibiscus sepals, showing deep purple color with some reddish/pinkish hues
Hibiscus Herbal Tea (Loose-Leaf) from Wegmans
loose-leaf masala chai, showing black tea leaf, cardamom pods, clove, and other spices
Organic Masala Chai (Spiced Black Tea), Loose-leaf, from Wegmans
large dark green tea leaves, with some brown and some silvery downy tips
Pai Mu Tan (White Peony) Loose-Leaf White Tea from Wegmans
Loose-leaf tea with a yellowish color, slightly twisted leaf tips covered in downy hair
White Eagle Long Life, Loose-Leaf Green Tea
Closeup of loose-leaf white tea, with golden-leaf buds covered in downy hairs
Kenya Silverback White Tea, Loose-Leaf Tea
Loose-leaf green tea with tightly rolled shapes, somewhat spindly-looking, and golden and silvery green in color
Loose-leaf Tea, Moon Swirl White Tip from Imperial Tea Garden
Tightly rolled loose-leaf oolong tea, showing an olive color
Loose-leaf Monkey Picked Ti Kuan Yin Oolong Tea from Foojoy
An unusual-shaped mug, handleless, with water vapor rising from above it
Unusual Mug, with Hot Tea
An unusual-shaped mug, handleless, with a tea bag and dark-colored tea in it
Unusual Mug, with Tea
Loose-leaf black tea with very large, wiry leaves
Ahmad Tea, Ceylon Tea OPA, Loose-Leaf Black Tea
A small white tea cup with a tiny bit of tea in it, on a granite table
Bottom of a Cup of Tea
A mostly empty mug of tea, next to a bottle of Wild Turkey American Honey bourbon
Tea and Wild Turkey American Honey
A bunch of boxes of teabags of Lindsay Gardens Tea on a shelf
Lindsay Gardens Tea in Dollar Store
Several piles of herbs drying on a table
Herbs Drying: Lemon Balm, Spearmint, Red Perilla
A green ceramic mug full of lemon balm leaves, on a hot plate
Lemon Balm, Steeping in a Mug
Coarse, large, but delicate-looking, dark brown tea leaves
Shou Mei, Loose-Leaf Tea
Loose-leaf black tea
Ahmad Tea, Kalami Assam, Loose-leaf Black Tea
Large, flat, dried leaves, with a yellowish-green color and reddish stems
Dried Perilla Leaves (Shiso)
Flat green tea leaves, with a rich golden-yellowish green color
Orchid Sprout Green Tea
Loose leaf oolong tea, rolled in pellets, and with a greenish color, on a pink and green dish
TrYeh Heritage Blend, Oolong Tea
Square metal tea tins on a shelf, in a tea shop
Square Metal Tea Tins, Cups & Chairs Tea Shop, Philadelphia
A community bulletin board on the right, with a cozy seating area with sofas behind
Cups and Chairs, Community Board
A shelf with teapots, tea cups, and tea sets, in various styles and from various cultures
Teaware in Cups and Chairs, Philadelphia
The wall in a tea shop, with small jars of tea, and shelves with teaware, and a scale
Cups and Chairs Tea Shop, Wall with Teaware and Tea Samples, Philadelphia
Interior of a tea shop showing the counter, some tins of tea to the left, and various other things
Cups and Chairs Tea Shop, Philadelphia, Counter
Various small container bags, paper, foil, shiny, silvery, black, brown, white, on a green background
Loose Leaf Tea Sample Bags (From Various Companies)

Helps Brand Wellness Tea Bags
Small chinese teacup with brownish / reddish / purplish herbal infusion in it, on a hotplate
Infusion (Herbal Tea) from Red Shiso (Perilla)
A small chinese teacup, on a hotplate, filled with a deep red liquid
Infusion from Cooked Amaranth
A blue canister with a clear plastic lid, containing loose tea, and a mug labelled tea, on a desk, with a chair
Tea Cannister, Blurry, and Tea Mug, on Desk
Dry, rolled up green tea leaves on a plastic dish, with a nickel nearby for size comparison
Tie Guan Yin, Modern Green Style
Loose-leaf green oolong tea
Modern Green Oolong Tea, Loose-Leaf
Two 6oz tins of green tea, green and black, one  saying huangshan maofeng and the other Bilouchun (misspelled)
Tins of Loose Leaf Green Tea: Huangshan Maofeng and Biluochun, From Starway
A ginger root and thin slices, on a cutting board
Ginger Root, Sliced
Flat, yellow green, dry tea leaves showing fine hairs
Dragon Well (Long Jing / Lung Ching) Green Tea Leaves
Wet lemon verbena leaves, dark green, somewhat tough looking, after being steeped as an herbal tea
Lemon Verbena Leaves After Steeping
A gaiwan, a Chinese lidded bowl, closed, with a pink and yellow pattern on the lid, and a small teacup with a rich golden-yellow infusion in it
Lemon Verbena, 2nd Infusion in Gaiwan
A gaiwan, a Chinese lidded bowl, open, filled with wet lemon verbena leaves, and a cup with a pale greenish-yellow liquid in it, the infusion of the lemon verbena
Lemon Verbena, 1st Infusion in Gaiwan
Lemon verbena leaves, dry, in a gaiwan, a Chinese lidded bowl for brewing tea
Lemon Verbena, Dry, in Gaiwan
Dried lemon verbena leaves, long, pointed leaves, some curled, a few broken somewhat, on a light blue ceramic plate
Lemon Verbena, Dried, Whole Leaves
A pot in a kitchen sink, filled with water, with a closed jar sitting in it
Making Iced Tea in the Kitchen Sink
Red shiso or perilla, showing broad purple-red leaves with some green, with an opposite-leaf growth habit like coleus or basil
Red Shiso (Perilla frutescens)
A white tea cup with golden-colored tea, on a saucer with a pyramid tea bag and spoon, on a marble surface
Novus Tea: Dragon Well Green Tea - Cup and Tea Bag
A tea timer with three hourglasses with green, white, and red sand, in a metal frame with an inscription on top reading: perfect tea timer
Hourglass Tea Timer
A lidded bowl with Chinese characters, hourglass tea timer, small glass jar on a plate, and two small teacups
Teaware for Serving tea, Random Tea Room, Philadelphia
A green-painted storefront with a small sign reading: random tea room, in a row of brick houses, worn down, but ornate, on a city street
Random Tea Room, Philadelphia, Storefront
A glass of iced green tea, with no ice, on a windowsill with trees and a brick building in the background
Iced Green Tea
Unopened tea bag reading Dong Suh, and having some small Korean writing, set on a ceramic plate
Back of Tea Bag Wrapper, Dong Suh Brown Rice Green Tea
Unopened tea bag reading Dong Suh and having a date, and Korean writing, set on a ceramic plate
Tea Bag Wrapper, Dong Suh Brown Rice Green Tea
Mug of black tea, with Wissotzky Tea Classic tea bag and wrapper on plate next to mug
Wissotzky Tea Classic
Leaves of oriental beauty oolong tea, showing dark brown, curved leaves, with some yellowish, reddish, black, and silvery accents
Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea, Life in Teacup
Yerba mate, with chunks of stem and leaf, a pale dull green color
Yerba Mate from Wegmans
Long, slightly curled tea leaves, with a dark blue-green color
Pouchong (Bao Zhong) Tea, Wegmans
Kukicha, green tea made from stems and twigs, showing pale green stems, and some darker green leaves
Kukicha, Twig Tea, Japanese Green Tea, from Wegmans
Dry rooibos leaf, small, red twigs and stems and leaves looking almost like mulch
Rooibos, South African Red Tea, from Wegmans
A mug of tea, with an inscription reading Tea, on a windowsill, winter leaves on grass out the window
Mug of Tea on the Windowsill
A canister of oolong tea, tradition brand, and a glass mug with loose-leaf tea brewing in it
Alishan (A-Li-Son) Oolong, Mug Brewing, Tradition Brand