Photos: Advertisement Photos (Ads)

Photos of advertisements, and photographs with other subjects, such as buildings, which include advertisements in or on them.

A store reading Kirk's Variety & Hobby Ctr. and showing ads for cigarettes and beer
Kirks Variety & Hobby Store, Pittsfield, MA
An advertisement showing a supermarket and employee, saying: WE SELL SEPTA PASSES AND TOKENS.  DELICIOUS!  Buy your passes or tokens at Shoprite.
SEPTA Tokens are Delicious - Shoprite Ad
A broad street in a mostly-empty industrial area, with a big white building reading Hughes Supply Inc
Hughes Supply Inc, Dayton Ohio
A derelict building with yellow bricks, with a sign painted on it: Innovation makes us No. 1, Quality Keeps Us There, poniting to a boarded up door
Innovation Makes Us No. 1, Quality Keeps Us There