Photos: Flower Photos

Photos of flowers, including flowers planted in gardens or landscaping, wildflowers, flowering houseplants, and anywhere that flowers appear. This category includes photos specifically of flowers as well as photos of other subjects that prominently feature flowers in the picture.

A large yellow flower with four petals, in sunlight, with deeply lobed green foliage behind
A Wood Poppy, Stylophorum diphyllum, in Bloom
Blue wood aster, showing many small light blue daisy-like flowers, with red centers
Blue Wood Aster at Grays Ferry Crescent Trail, Philadelphia
Closeup of blue wood aster flowers in a flower bed
A Blue Wood Aster Growing in a Philadelphia Flowerbed
Ironweed, with dark green leaves and vibrant purple flowers, with one leaf showing damage from a leaf borer
Ironweed (Vernonia sp.) in Bloom, Showing Leaf Borer Damage
Hibiscus sepals, showing deep purple color with some reddish/pinkish hues
Hibiscus Herbal Tea (Loose-Leaf) from Wegmans
A Christmas Camellia with bright red-pink blooms with yellow centers, dark evergreen leaves, and a few unopened buds
Christmas Camellia (Camellia sasanqua)
A blooming Christmas Camellia, an evergreen plant with tough, dark green pointy leaves, showing big red blossoms with yellow centers.
Christmas Camellia (Camellia sasanqua) Blooms
Two morning glory flowers, with light blue-purple blooms and red-purple veins, and white centers
Closeup of Purple Morning Glory Flowers
Blue-purple morning glories blooming, on a chain link fence, sunlight filtering through
Blue/Purple Morning Glories on Chain-Link Fence
A sunflower facing the other direction, displaying yellow petals around the edge, broad leaves somewhat wrinkled, a chain link fence and some wires and trees and a builidng in the background
Sunflower Facing Away
A double daylily, orange and flame-red, and a closed bud, with other plants and a rock in the background
Double Daylily, Orange
Deep purple and bright pink petunias overflowing from a large square planter in the middle of a concrete terrace,with a small variegated holly in the middle of the planter.
Pink and Purple Petunias in a Large Planter
Colorful photo showing a park bench with a bird perched on it, and a colorful flower garden on the other side of the street
Eastern Phoebe on a Park Bench, near a Flower Garden
Closeup photo of a small flower showing two pale blue petals, and yellow-tipped stamens hanging down, with blurry green vegetation in the background
Asiatic Dayflower (Commelina communis) Blossom Closeup
Closeup of a bright metallic green colored bee on a light blue chickory flower
Agapostemon, Metallic Green Bee, on Chickory Flower
Photo of Trumpet Vine Leaves and Flowers, long compound leaves with opposite leaflefs, and red-orange trumpet-shaped flowers in clusters
Trumpet Vine Leaves and Flowers
A small city street with three story red brick rowhouses, with a massive trumpet vine growing on something like a street tree, with dark green foliage and bright reddish-orange trumpet-shaped flowers
Trumpet Vine on a Philadelphia Street
Chickory flowers, pale blue daisy-like flowers with a darker blue center, in a weedy meadow with a few other flowers around the edge
Chickory Flowers, Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia
A meadow-like area with numerous light blue chickory flowers in bloom, and some other yellow flowers visible too, with trees in the background
Field of Chickory Flowers, Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia
Photo of a black locust branch with round leaflets on leaves, and large clusters of light pink flowers
Black Locust with Pink Flowers
A segment of grass near a sidewalk, with violets and dandelions blooming, and clover
Biodiverse Grass, Bryn Athyn, PA
Closeup of White Snowdrop Flower and Green Stem
Common Snowdrop - Indoors
A lush lilac-colored rhododendron blossom, with a bumblebee hovering near one flower
Bumblebee on Rhododendron Blossoms
Photo showing fallen pink cherry blossoms, and a few clumps of green grassy plants above the blossoms, two cherry tree trunks, and a red brick building in the background
Fallen Pink Cherry Blossoms Covering the Ground
A sea of red and yellow pansies.
Oberlin Pansies (Red and Yellow)
Maroon and green colored insect with powerful forearms, on an intense pinkish-red rose petal
Closeup of Ambush Bug (Phymatinae) on a Rose
Bright red rose blossom with a dark red and green ambush bug on its petals, blurry rose leaves and other foliage in the background
Ambush Bug (Phymatinae) on a Rose
A marigold plant with four blooms at various stages, growing out of a pot with a single stem of a larger plant, the top of which is not visible
Marigold Grown as a Houseplant, in Pot with Papaya