Photos: Church Photos

Photos of churches, photos prominently featuring churches, or photos somehow directly related to church buildings. These photos focus on church buildings, rather than on the church as an institution.

A church, with trees and bushes in front, and a church sign reading: Grace presbyterian church, the board saying holy discontent and having service times
Grace Presbyterian Church, Jenkintown, PA
A stone cathedral in winter, surrounded by large greenish-tan lawns and bare trees
Bryn Athyn Cathedral, Winter
A stone church in winter, with a large leafless tree, taken from a low angle.
Episcopal Church of Our Savior, Jenkintown, PA
Stone steps leading up to a boarded-up church, with trees in the background, one turning yellow in early fall colors
Abandoned Church, West 117th Street, Cleveland
Illuminated patterns that look like alien hieroglyphics, projected onto the blank wall of a tall building in a city
Alien Hieroglyphics in Downtown Cleveland
Closeup of patterns that look like alien hieroglyphics, projected onto the blank wall of a building
Alien Hieroglyphics in Cleveland (Closeup)
Dimly lit campus photo, with an asphalt walkway, wet from rain, some orange street lights, and a church tower visible in the background
Case Western Reserve University Campus, Rainy Night
Shiny new skyscraper in back, old red building in front, and an old stone church's steeple, all rising above the tops of green trees
Downtown Cleveland: Key Tower, Stone Church, Bank
Lake in the foreground, trees along the far shore, and a church with a big steeple rising behind the trees
Wade Lagoon, University Circle, Cleveland