Photos: Broadleaf Evergreen Photos

Photos of cold-hardy broadleaf evergreen plants, plants that have proper leaves (not needles), and grow in temperate climates and other climates with cold winters.

Red Camellia leaves, with black ants and tiny green aphids on them, and green leaves in the background
Ants Tending Aphids on Camellia Leaves
A camellia bush, an evergreen bush with serrated, pointed, oval-shaped leaves, showing a sprout with young, red leaves, with ants walking on it
Red Camellia Leaves With Ants
A tropical-looking evergreen plant with tough leaves, light green with yellow spots, in a bed of myrtle with lavender blooms
Spotted Laurel (Acuba japonica variegata)
a garden showing a small southern magnolia tree, and many other plants, in front of a white garage, in a residential neighborhood, in winter
Southern Magnolia in Lancaster, PA
A southern magnolia seedling, with large, shiny, light green leaves, in a bed of ivy with dark green leaves
Southern Magnolia Seedling, Horn Point, Maryland