Photos: Fruit Photos

Photos of all manner of fruit, whole, sliced, or on the plant. This album generally does not contain types of produce that are biologically considered fruit, but practically considered vegetables, such as peppers.

Muscat grapes, showing a red and green color
Muscat Grapes, from Chile
Whole black grapes on the left, whole red grapes on the right, on a brown ceramic plate
Black Grapes and Red Grapes
A whole green orange and sliced green orange, showing white pulp and seeds, on a plate
Green Orange (Sour Orange)
A sliced aprium on a plate, showing apricot-like interior with slightly fuzzy, red skin
Aprium (Apricot-Plum Hybrid), Sliced
Aprium plums on a shelf with a sign reading: Aprium Plums - $3.99 lb
Aprium Plums for Sale
A basket of ceylon tomatoes, a bright red, round but somewhat flat variety of tomato
Ceylon Tomatoes
A container of red raspberries, with a few golden raspberries, a golden orange color, mixed in
A Few Golden Raspberries in with Red Raspberries
Ginger gold apples, large, light yellow-green, round apples
Ginger Gold Apples
A sliced pomegranate pluot, a plum-like fruit showing dark purple flesh, on a brown ceramic plate
Pomegranate Pluot, Sliced
A golden tree pluot, sliced, a plum-like fruit with yellow flesh, on a ceramic plate
Golden Tree Pluot, Sliced
A yellow plum messily sliced open, on a ceramic plate, showing a messy juicy interior and juice all over the plate
Shiro Plum, Sliced
A sliced cardinal plum, showing a cardinal-red skin, light yellow interior, and slightly pointed shape, on a brown ceramic plate
Cardinal Plum, Sliced
Golden tree pluots on a shelf, a peachy-yellow, plum-like fruit, with produce stickers showing PLU code 3610
Golden Tree Pluots
Cardinal plums in a metal bin, showing bright cardinal-red color, and some blemishes, with a few darker and smaller purple plums on the right
Cardinal Plums
Shiro plums, pale yellow, slightly pointed plums
Shiro Plums
A bunch of pomegranate pluots, plum-like fruits closely resembling black plums, some showing fine spots
Pomegranate Pluots
Lychee fruit, round, spiky fruit, light green and turning pinkish, in a blue plastic crate
Lychee Fruit, Half Ripe
A ceramic plate with eight fruit, plums, apricot, peaches, and nectarine, of varying sizes, shapes, and colors, with a teal and white tablecloth in the background
Assorted Stone Fruit, Prunus Genus
Three large whole rose hips, an intense red-orange color, on a light blue pattered plate
Large Rose Hips
A black velvet apricot, sliced, on a blue plate, showing soft, juicy golden interior, and a small, apricot-like pit
Black Velvet Apricot, Sliced
A mango nectarine, sliced, a fruit with yellow flesh and smooth, green-yellow skin, on a white plate with blue trim
Mango Nectarine, Sliced
A sliced donut peach, with all yellow interior and skin, on a blue and white plate
All Yellow Donut Peach (Heirloom Donut Peach Pie), Sliced
All yellow donut peaches on a shelf, with a sign reading Heirloom Donut Peach Pie, $4.99lb
Heirloom Donut Peach Pie (All Yellow Donut Peach)
Black velvet apricots, a dark-purple, velvet-textured variety of apricot, with produce stickers
Black Velvet Apricots
Mango nectarines, green-yellow nectarines, on a shelf with a sign reading: Mango Nectarine - $3.99 lb
Mango Nectarines
Apricots in a small container, with a rich red color and rich orange color
Orange-Red Apricots
A sliced pear on a ceramic plate, showing crisp white interior and yellow skin with spots, a red tinge on some of the spots
Sliced Forelle Pear
A single ripe red cactus pear on an opuntia cactus
Cactus Pear on Cactus
Forelle pears, yellow pears with a pinkish tinge and some fine spots
Forelle Pears from Chile
Closeup of a sliced blood orange, showing the center of the orange and the various sections, with a deep reddish tinge to a dark orange color, showing a single seed sliced in half
Closeup of Blood Orange Flesh
A blood orange sliced in half, showing a cross-section of the interior with a deep red hue, and one sliced seed, and the other half showing the skin with a reddish tinge
Blood Orange, Sliced
A red plum, showing dark red skin and yellow flesh, with a quarter sliced off, showing the pit in the rest of the plum, on a tan ceramic plate
Red Plum, Sliced
Sour cherries in blue-green containers
Sour Cherries
Pale yellow cherries with thin green stems
Yellow Sweet Cherries
A bowl of red cherries showing a single dark stripe on each cherry, with one cherry cut in half, half showing the pit, both sides showing yellow flesh
Sweet Cherries with Dark Stripe
Small, bright red cherries, on a tree, with leaves and branches, in bright sunlight
Ornamental Sour Cherries, Kaskey Park, University of Pennsylvania
A juneberry bush with rounded leaves, and numerous blueberry-shaped berries, of varying colors from greenish white to pinks and deep purples
Juneberries (Serviceberries) on Tree, Woodland Walk, Philadelphia
A green pear with an almost bluish tinge, on a wooden surface
Alexander Lucas Pear
A red pear and a Valencia orange on a wooden surface
Red Bartlett Pear and Florida Valencia Orange
Whole breadfruit for sale
Large eggplant, a shiny purplish black color, with a small light green top
A bunch of whole coconut fruit, with brown and fibrous skin
Whole Coconut
Bunches of ripe yellow bananas, bearing the Del Monte brand name
Ripe Yellow Bananas
Bunches of green bananas, bearing a produce sticker reading: Bonita and Ecuador
Green Bananas (Unripe) from Ecuador, Bonita Brand
Green plantains on the right, yellow plantains on the left, most showing some black bruising
Green (Unripe) and Yellow (Ripe) Plaintains
Lots of tangerines, most intense orange, some greenish and a few with bruises
Lots of bright yellow lemons
Whole, fresh Mandarin oranges, a small, flat, orange-shaped citrus fruit, with a few stems and leaves attached
Fresh Mandarin Oranges
Whole pink grapefruit, yellowish with pinkish tinges
Pink Grapefruit
Orange-sized, orange colored citrus fruit, with a slight bell or pear shape.
Minneola Tangelos (Honeybell tangelos)
A bunch of whole kiwifruit
Very large, yellow papyas (ripe maradol papayas) with a sign reading yellow papaya 99 cents a pound
Yellow Maradol Papayas
Stacked green papayas, large, with produce stickers
Green Papaya
A bunch of Fuji apples, greenish and reddish, some with bruises
Fuji Apples
Pink lady apples, yellow and pink colored
Pink Lady Apples
Granny smith apples, bright yellowish green with some pink on them
Granny Smith Apples
Cactus pears, a deep red and green in color
Cactus Pears - Andy Boy
Xoconostle, small cactus pears with pink and light green color, with light, dusty-looking skin.
Xoconostle - Close Up
Xoconostle, small cactus pears on the left, pale pink and greenish, and larger, regular cactus pears on the right, rich reddish and deeper green
Xoconostle and (Regular) Cactus Pears
Many rome apples, red with some yellow, very round
Rome Apples
Whole Pineapple Fruit with tops
Pineapple Fruit
Red delicious apples, dark red in color
Red Delicious Apples
Gala apples, large, red and yellowish with a slight stripey pattern
Gala Apples
Many large, yellowish-green apples with a mostly round shape
Golden Delicious Apples
Carambolas, yellow and greenish, packed in a cardboard partition
Carambola (Starfruit)
Chilean Nectarines
Black plums, a rich dark purple and red color, with shiny skin
Black Plums

Asian Pears
A large number of peaches
Chilean Peaches

Ataulfo Mangos
Mangos with green, red, and yellow color
Yonemura Mangos