Photos: Onion Photos

Photos of onions and different varieties of onions.

Medium-sized, pristine looking onions, most white and round, some deep purple and oval-shaped, with green stems attached, on a white tablecloth
Sweet Onions, Red and White
Large, light yellow onions in a bin, with most onions having a visible flat shape, a sign reading: sweet onion, 59 cents -lb-
Yellow Sweet Onions
Spanish onions, yellow onions, for sale in a large bin
Spanish Onions or Yellow Onions
A bin of shallots, small onions with a reddish interior and yellowish outer skin
A bin of red onions, with a sign reading: red onion, 79 cents -lb-
Red Onions
Numerous White Onions in a bin, a sign reading: white onion, 69 cents -lb-
White Onions