Photos: Houseplant Photos

Photos of houseplants, plants grown indoors.

A fiddle-leaf fig, as a houseplant, on a sunny windowsill
Fiddle-leaf Fig, Ficus lyrata, Houseplant, in Sunlight
An ivy plant and a pothos plant, on a mostly-shaded windowsill, with a sunny view of a tree out the window
Houseplants in Shade on a Windowsill: Ivy and Pothos
Four houseplants on a windowsill, with afternoon sunlight filtering through their leaves
Houseplants on Windowsill, Afternoon in Fall
A coffee plant, with smooth, dark green, pointed leaves, opposite on stems, growing on a windowsill
Coffee Plant Houseplant
English ivy growing as a houseplant, on a windowsill
English Ivy Houseplant
A Dracaena fragrans, Janet Craig Compacta, a small houseplant with dense, dark-green leaves growing in a radial pattern, a bit like leaves on a corn stalk but much denser
Dracaena (Dracaena fragrans), Janet Craig Compacta
A small pot containing a small fiddle-leaf fig plant with three stems, on a windowsill
Fiddle-leaf Fig, Ficus lyrata, Houseplant
A sweet potato being grown indoors as a houseplant, in the window a library, with books, signs, and a globe
Sweet Potato Houseplant, Oberlin Science Library
A marigold plant with four blooms at various stages, growing out of a pot with a single stem of a larger plant, the top of which is not visible
Marigold Grown as a Houseplant, in Pot with Papaya
A papaya tree in a small pot, with a marigold in the same pot, on a windowsill next to a tall window in a library, and a ficus tree on the right
Papaya Tree as a Houseplant, Oberlin Science Library