Photos: Oberlin Photos

Photos of or taken in Oberlin College, or the town of Oberlin, Ohio, or directly pertaining to Oberlin. I attended Oberlin college for three years and graduated, and this college and town were rather important in my life.

White frisbee with a logo resembling Mobil pegasus, but with a cow's udder, and the name Oberlin written in the style of the logo
Oberlin Ultimate Frisbee Logo
A college campus at night, viewed from high above, showing criss-crossing paths illuminated by orange lights, an old building on the left and modern one on the right
Oberlin College Campus at Night, from Peters Hall
An old, beige volvo station wagon, with a boxy look, in good shape, with red hat linux and apple computer stickers on the rear window, sun reflecting off the rear window, snow on the ground, and a white house in the background
A Beige 1985 Volvo Station wagon DL (My old car)
A grassy area with crossing paths, on a college campus, with numerous trees in the background and an Amur cork tree in the foreground
Wilder Bowl, Oberlin College, and an Amur Cork Tree
A green, artificially constructed hill, behind a green athletic field, with trees in the background
Mount Oberlin, Oberlin, Ohio
A sea of red and yellow pansies.
Oberlin Pansies (Red and Yellow)
A sweet potato being grown indoors as a houseplant, in the window a library, with books, signs, and a globe
Sweet Potato Houseplant, Oberlin Science Library
Dark, curling branches of a curly (corkscrew) willow tree, taken from below from a strange, diagonal angle, showing a dense network of extremely curly smaller branches
Curly Willow (Corkscrew Willow) Tree, Oberlin College
Plaque in an iron fence, reading: on this site in 1897 nothing happened.
On This Site in 1897 Nothing Happened Sign in Oberlin
A brightly colored mural depicting musicians from many different cultures, in a room with a plain floor and ceiling and some chairs around the edge
Mural in the Cat In The Cream, Oberlin College
A brick path with a light dusting of snow and footprints, with grass and trees in a park on either side
Tappan Square Path, Oberlin Ohio, in Light Snow
A pond almost completely overgrown with water hyacinths, showing some purplish-blue blossoms, and the background and water reflection showing an ugly building in the same architecture of the World Trade Center
Water Hyacinths in the Oberlin Conservatory Pond
A lamp on an outdoor ceiling, casting a beautiful, complex, symmetrical shadow on the ceiling
Talcott Light, Oberlin College
A marigold plant with four blooms at various stages, growing out of a pot with a single stem of a larger plant, the top of which is not visible
Marigold Grown as a Houseplant, in Pot with Papaya
A papaya tree in a small pot, with a marigold in the same pot, on a windowsill next to a tall window in a library, and a ficus tree on the right
Papaya Tree as a Houseplant, Oberlin Science Library