Photos: Apple Photos

Photos of different varieties of apples, and apple trees.

Ginger gold apples, large, light yellow-green, round apples
Ginger Gold Apples
A bunch of Fuji apples, greenish and reddish, some with bruises
Fuji Apples
Pink lady apples, yellow and pink colored
Pink Lady Apples
Granny smith apples, bright yellowish green with some pink on them
Granny Smith Apples
Many rome apples, red with some yellow, very round
Rome Apples
Red delicious apples, dark red in color
Red Delicious Apples
Gala apples, large, red and yellowish with a slight stripey pattern
Gala Apples
Many large, yellowish-green apples with a mostly round shape
Golden Delicious Apples
A crabapple tree planted in an apple orchard, showing much smaller fruit, and smaller and more yellowish leaves, than surrounding apple trees
Crabapple in Apple Orchard