Photos: Cleveland Photos

Photos in and of the city of Cleveland, Ohio, and the greater Cleveland metropolitan area, focusing on inner, more urban suburbs only: Cleveland Heights, Lakewood, East Cleveland, Shaker Heights, etc.

Photo taken from inside a parking garage, mostly dark, car on the left, looking out to a restrained view of a commercial building on the right and a house on the left
Parking Garage at Mayfield and Lee, Cleveland Heights, OH
Three two-story apartment buildings, the middle one boarded up, with snow on the ground, and a high-rise building and a church in the background
East Cleveland in Winter
A boarded up three story red brick apartment building with missing windows on the second floor, and balconies overlooking the street, across the street on the left, a vacant lot
Boarded Up Building, Glenside And Hayden
Stone steps leading up to a boarded-up church, with trees in the background, one turning yellow in early fall colors
Abandoned Church, West 117th Street, Cleveland
A railroad crossing with gates closed, red car stopped, and a black freight train engine zooming past, in a residential neighborhood
Railroad Crossing, Car, and Freight Train, Lakewood, Ohio
A railroad crossing closing with flashing lights, at dusk, in a residential neighborhood
Railroad Crossing Closing, Lakewood Ohio
City street at night, lined with streetlights casting a dull orange light, a almost no car traffic, and a red brick building on the left
Cleveland: W. Lakeside Ave looking NE to W. 3rd St. at Night
Vibrant green foliage, against the roof of a building, in a relatively enclosed area, with some brick walls visible
Foliage and Roof: Beck Center, Lakewood Ohio
Illuminated patterns that look like alien hieroglyphics, projected onto the blank wall of a tall building in a city
Alien Hieroglyphics in Downtown Cleveland
Closeup of patterns that look like alien hieroglyphics, projected onto the blank wall of a building
Alien Hieroglyphics in Cleveland (Closeup)
Dimly lit campus photo, with an asphalt walkway, wet from rain, some orange street lights, and a church tower visible in the background
Case Western Reserve University Campus, Rainy Night
An American flag, flying behind a chain-linked fence with barbed wire, and light clouds against a blue sky
American Flag, Barbed Wire
Photo of Cleveland skyline at night, one of the three tallest buildings illuminated bright red with some green, river in foreground, dark drawbridge, and numerous orange-colored lights, reflecting off the river, clouds reflecting a purplish color from the
Cleveland Skyline, Christmas Season, at Night
Wide brown skyscraper with black windows, a few yellow lights, against a sky with billowy, dark clouds, with a few leaves of locust foliage around the side of the photo
BP Tower, Cleveland
A mirror, thoroughly shattered into many small pieces, lying next to the street near a thoroughly broken sidewalk tile
Broken Mirror, Broken Sidewalk
Shiny new skyscraper in back, old red building in front, and an old stone church's steeple, all rising above the tops of green trees
Downtown Cleveland: Key Tower, Stone Church, Bank
Cleveland's key tower, a modern, shiny skyscraper, and the older, classic terminal tower in the background, rising from behind trees
Terminal Tower, Key Tower, in Cleveland
Wetlands with tall reeds and cattails, and a few small plants in the foreground, showing a brief patch of water and sky, the water reflecting clouds in a bright sky showing purplish colors of a sunset
Shaker Lakes Wetlands, near Sunset
Lake in the foreground, trees along the far shore, and a church with a big steeple rising behind the trees
Wade Lagoon, University Circle, Cleveland
A framework of red metal and glass, with lush green vegetation on a sloping hillside behind
West 25th Rapid Station, Cleveland: Red Metal, Glass, and Japanese Knotweed
Three tall skyscrapers rising into dense clouds that obscure their tops, one building fully visible, but hazy, on the left, and some trees, a bridge, and construction in the foreground.
Cleveland Fogged Out
A vacant lot with a lot of small pieces of trash in it, and bare soil washing onto the sidewalk
Vacant Lot in Cleveland, Ohio
A frozen lake on the left, and bare trees on the right, with a few pine trees along the far shore of the lake
Shaker Lakes, Frozen
An unfrozen stream flowing through snow-covered ground in a forest with trees of varying diameters
Stream, Shaker Lakes, in Winter
Bamboo, mostly brown and yellow, unhealthy looking, with snow on the ground
Bamboo in Cleveland in Winter
Inside of an H&R Block office, with cubicles with computers, plain  gray carpet, flourescent panel lights in the ceiling, looking out through a glass storefront onto the street in the distance
H&R Block, Shaker Heights
A derelict building with yellow bricks, with a sign painted on it: Innovation makes us No. 1, Quality Keeps Us There, poniting to a boarded up door
Innovation Makes Us No. 1, Quality Keeps Us There
A fig tree planted up against a wall, cut back within a few feet of the ground, some leafless vines climbing the wall, and some grass and leaves on the ground
Fig Tree in Cleveland, Cut Back for Winter
The tops of Cleveland's three tallest buildings, sticking out from over a rather plain looking bridge or roadway, with a parking lot in the foreground.
Cleveland Skyline, Viewed From The Flats