Photos: Seafood Photos

Photos of seafood, creatures from the water that are about to be prepared as food and eaten by humans.

Fish for sale, marked as small mountain trout, cleaned and with head cut off, but not cut into fillets, showing white-pinkish skin with some stripes and spots, and a ridged top
Small Mountain Trout, Cleaned
Mullet fish in a bed of ice, relatively long, tube-shaped fish showing shiny metallic scales, reddish heads, and very small fins
Mullet Fish
Whole red snapper, on ice, with several smaller fish and one very large fish, and a sign reading: Red snapper, $7.99 lb
Red Snapper on Ice
Porgy (Scup) for sale, in a bed of ice, with a sign marked: Porgy, $3.99 lb
Porgy or Scup for Sale
A bin of smelts, very small silvery-grey fish with heads removed and yellow-colored tail fins which are cut short
A plastic bin containing whole squid for sale, with a sign reading: SQUID $4.99 LB