Photos: Snow Photos

Photos of snow or photos taken in the snow or showing snow.

A great blue heron standing on ice in a frozen wetland
Great Blue Heron on Ice in Winter, John Heinz NWR
Dark tree trunks in a forest, bright white snow, on a sunny day in winter
Woods in Phillips Park, Newark, DE, with Light Snow
Shadows of trees casting horizontal lines on the snow, perpendicular to straight trees in the background
Tree Shadows: Lines on the Snow
Snow in foreground, barren trees in background, with a lone green pine, and a shadow of me with a hat and winter gear on
Snow in Phillips Park, and a Shadow of My Hat
An unfrozen stream flowing through snow-covered ground in a forest with trees of varying diameters
Stream, Shaker Lakes, in Winter
A brick path with a light dusting of snow and footprints, with grass and trees in a park on either side
Tappan Square Path, Oberlin Ohio, in Light Snow