Photos: White Clay Creek State Park Photos

Photos taken within White Clay Creek State Park in Delaware.

A young giant hogweed plant, with immense parsley-like leaves, sprouting out amongst other numerous leafy plants in spring
Giant Hogweed, Heracleum mantegazzianum, White Clay Creek State Park, Delaware
A meandering creek with a rocky sandbar on the right, and forest on either side, in spring
Rocky Sandbar in White Clay Creek State Park
Bloodroot leaves, oddly shaped leaves, broad, heart-like with lobes near the tip, among other leafy plants close to the ground
Bloodroot And Other Plants
A Canada Goose in a shallow creek, with box elder foliage in the foreground
Canada Goose, White Clay Creek, and Box Elders
A great blue heron wading in a muddy creek in spring, with the watre showing a reflection of trees with light green spring foliage
Great Blue Heron, White Clay Creek State Park
A large, open creek in a forested area, leafing out in spring, with two pillars from an old bridge visible in the distance
White Clay Creek, Old Bridge, Rocks in Stream
A wild hop vine, with rough, deeply lobed leaves, and jewelweed, leafing out in spring together in an area with dead straw-like leaves
Wild Hops and Jewelweed