Photos: Herb Photos

Photos of herbs, including dry herbs, herb plants, and herbs being used in herbal tea.

Closeup of dried vana tulsi, showing large pieces of twisted, curled leaves and stems
Loose-leaf Vana Tulsi (Holy Basil) from Mountain Rose Herbs
Loose green-leafed holy basil, dried, with large, broken pieces of green leaves, and some brown mixed in
Loose-leaf Green-leaf or Rama Tulsi (Holy Basil) from Mountain Rose Herbs
Closeup of dried, broken leaves with a rich green color and some light brown
Yaupon Leaf, Green (Unroasted) from Cat Spring Yaupon Tea
Heterogeneous, brown, thick chunks of broken leaves
Yaupon Leaf, Black (Roasted) from Cat Spring Yaupon Tea
Small pieces of dried green leaves against a white background
Lemon Verbena, Dried, Broken / Cut Leaf, from Frontier Coop
Broken, dried lemon balm leaves, showing small, dull green pieces of leaf
Lemon Balm, Dried, Broken, from Frontier Coop
dried chamomile flowers, with golden flowerheads
Dried Chamomile Flowers (Loose-leaf) from Wegmans
Hibiscus sepals, showing deep purple color with some reddish/pinkish hues
Hibiscus Herbal Tea (Loose-Leaf) from Wegmans
Several piles of herbs drying on a table
Herbs Drying: Lemon Balm, Spearmint, Red Perilla
A green ceramic mug full of lemon balm leaves, on a hot plate
Lemon Balm, Steeping in a Mug
Closeup of a perilla plant, with broad, yellow-green opposite leaves, showing fine hairs on the leaves
Perilla Plant, Closeup
A perilla plant growing in a flower bed in an urban area
Perilla Plant, 40th Street, Philadelphia
Large, flat, dried leaves, with a yellowish-green color and reddish stems
Dried Perilla Leaves (Shiso)
Perilla, growing wild amongst other plants
Perilla, John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge
Wet lemon verbena leaves, dark green, somewhat tough looking, after being steeped as an herbal tea
Lemon Verbena Leaves After Steeping
A gaiwan, a Chinese lidded bowl, closed, with a pink and yellow pattern on the lid, and a small teacup with a rich golden-yellow infusion in it
Lemon Verbena, 2nd Infusion in Gaiwan
A gaiwan, a Chinese lidded bowl, open, filled with wet lemon verbena leaves, and a cup with a pale greenish-yellow liquid in it, the infusion of the lemon verbena
Lemon Verbena, 1st Infusion in Gaiwan
Lemon verbena leaves, dry, in a gaiwan, a Chinese lidded bowl for brewing tea
Lemon Verbena, Dry, in Gaiwan
Dried lemon verbena leaves, long, pointed leaves, some curled, a few broken somewhat, on a light blue ceramic plate
Lemon Verbena, Dried, Whole Leaves