Photos: Music Photos

Photos of musicians, music being made, or photos relating somehow to music.

Three musicians, with two guitar players, and one man watching, at the Occupy Philly protest in front of city hall, Philadelphia
Musicians at the Occupy Philly Protest
Photo of an older man with a gold sequined robe and a red sequined hat, playing flute in front of a microphone, with two musicians in similar, brightly colored outfits on the left, and trees in the background
Danny Ray Thompson, Flute, Sun Ra Arkestra
An older black man playing alto saxophone, with a white sequined fez, surrounded by a band of musicians in brightly colored, shiny outfits, with a music stand and microphone in the foreground trees in the background
Knoel Scott, Sun Ra Arkestra, Playing Alto Saxophone
A jazz ensemble on stage, practicing
Jazz Combo Rehearsal, University of Delaware
A brightly colored mural depicting musicians from many different cultures, in a room with a plain floor and ceiling and some chairs around the edge
Mural in the Cat In The Cream, Oberlin College