Photos: My Favorite Photos

This is an eclectic collection of my favorite photos. There is no common thread other than these are photos that I like. There are completely different reasons for liking the various photo in this album. Sometimes I like the composition of the photo or how it turned out, but many times I just find these pictures amusing, pretty, or pleasing in some way.

An advertisement showing a supermarket and employee, saying: WE SELL SEPTA PASSES AND TOKENS.  DELICIOUS!  Buy your passes or tokens at Shoprite.
SEPTA Tokens are Delicious - Shoprite Ad
A double daylily, orange and flame-red, and a closed bud, with other plants and a rock in the background
Double Daylily, Orange
Closeup of a bright metallic green colored bee on a light blue chickory flower
Agapostemon, Metallic Green Bee, on Chickory Flower
A somewhat chaotic jumble of blackbirds, flying out of trees and departing
Blackbird Flock Departing
A male ruby-crowned kinglet perched in wild black cherry foliage, with the kinglet showing a bright red crest on top of a stocky, grayish head and body, flat triangular bill, and yellow stripes on the wings
Male Ruby Crowned Kinglet
Interior of a college classroom building from the seventies, viewed from two stories above, showing a lobby with large staircase, and some students walking about
Smith Hall Interior (Lobby), University of Delaware
A wooden zigzag path in an open forest
Zigzag Path in Forest, White Clay Creek State Park, Delaware
A great blue heron wading in a muddy creek in spring, with the watre showing a reflection of trees with light green spring foliage
Great Blue Heron, White Clay Creek State Park
An American flag, flying behind a chain-linked fence with barbed wire, and light clouds against a blue sky
American Flag, Barbed Wire
Bright red rose blossom with a dark red and green ambush bug on its petals, blurry rose leaves and other foliage in the background
Ambush Bug (Phymatinae) on a Rose

Reflection in Old Glass, Resembling a Painting
A mirror, thoroughly shattered into many small pieces, lying next to the street near a thoroughly broken sidewalk tile
Broken Mirror, Broken Sidewalk
A long bridge over water, with a pink and orange sunset behind clouds, and a gray-blue and white, marbly-looking sky
Sunset, at the Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge, Solomons, MD