Photos: Wetland Photos

Photos of wetlands, ecosystems with shallow water and dense vegetation. Wetlands are some of the most rich, fascinating, beautiful, and ecologically important areas. They also tend to be a bit difficult for humans to access. All of these things make them a fascinating subject of photography for me.

A great blue heron standing on ice in a frozen wetland
Great Blue Heron on Ice in Winter, John Heinz NWR
A willow tree in wetlands, with yellowing leaves, and a cascade of intense red-colored vines in it
Virginia Creeper in Willow Tree, Fall Colors
Wetlands, showing water in foreground and various water plants around the edge, with shrubs and forest behind that
Wetlands in the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge
A wild turkey flying over wetlands, with reeds in foreground, water, and a blur of bare vegetation in the background
Wild Turkey Flying
Shaggy tree trunks, in front of a reedy wetland, with more trees in the background, all bare and brown and gray
Trees in Wetlands of Phillips Park, in Winter
Grassy, reedy area of wetlands, with trees visible in background, railroad tracks far in distance
Wetlands in Phillips Park, Winter
paved path and flat wooden bridge over wetlands, with forest in background
Phillips Park, Walkway Through Wetlands in Winter
Two Egpyptian geese landing in a wetland in winter, showing bold white and black on wings and a black ring around the eye, with three ducks in the wetland too
Egyptian Geese Landing, Newark, Delaware
Open wetlands showing murky water, arrowhead plants, and short reeds and then trees along the back
Wetlands in Dragon Run Park, Delaware City
Two female red-winged blackbirds on reeds, showing mostly camoflaged patterning, streaked breasts and striped face, and dark tail, with some green visible in the background
Female Red-winged Blackbirds on Reeds, Newark, Delaware
Wetlands with tall reeds and cattails, and a few small plants in the foreground, showing a brief patch of water and sky, the water reflecting clouds in a bright sky showing purplish colors of a sunset
Shaker Lakes Wetlands, near Sunset
Water showing water lily leaves, trees, and various wetland plants
Water in Wetlands, Calvert Cliffs State Park
Wetlands with low but dense vegetation, numerous dead trees rising from them, and forest in the background.
Wetlands in Calvert Cliffs State Park