Photos: Citrus Fruit Photos

Photos of citrus fruits.

A whole green orange and sliced green orange, showing white pulp and seeds, on a plate
Green Orange (Sour Orange)
Closeup of a sliced blood orange, showing the center of the orange and the various sections, with a deep reddish tinge to a dark orange color, showing a single seed sliced in half
Closeup of Blood Orange Flesh
A blood orange sliced in half, showing a cross-section of the interior with a deep red hue, and one sliced seed, and the other half showing the skin with a reddish tinge
Blood Orange, Sliced
A red pear and a Valencia orange on a wooden surface
Red Bartlett Pear and Florida Valencia Orange
Lots of tangerines, most intense orange, some greenish and a few with bruises
Lots of bright yellow lemons
Whole, fresh Mandarin oranges, a small, flat, orange-shaped citrus fruit, with a few stems and leaves attached
Fresh Mandarin Oranges
Whole pink grapefruit, yellowish with pinkish tinges
Pink Grapefruit
Orange-sized, orange colored citrus fruit, with a slight bell or pear shape.
Minneola Tangelos (Honeybell tangelos)