Photos: Urban Decay (or Decline) Photos

Photos of urban decay or urban decline. These photos show urban areas that have faced economic decline. These areas are usually characterized by boarded up buildings, trash-littered streets, and infrastructure that is falling into disrepair. I feel passionately about doing something about urban decay, and I would invite you to look and think about the areas facing these problems.

Three two-story apartment buildings, the middle one boarded up, with snow on the ground, and a high-rise building and a church in the background
East Cleveland in Winter
A boarded up three story red brick apartment building with missing windows on the second floor, and balconies overlooking the street, across the street on the left, a vacant lot
Boarded Up Building, Glenside And Hayden
Stone steps leading up to a boarded-up church, with trees in the background, one turning yellow in early fall colors
Abandoned Church, West 117th Street, Cleveland
A vacant lot with a lot of small pieces of trash in it, and bare soil washing onto the sidewalk
Vacant Lot in Cleveland, Ohio
A derelict building with yellow bricks, with a sign painted on it: Innovation makes us No. 1, Quality Keeps Us There, poniting to a boarded up door
Innovation Makes Us No. 1, Quality Keeps Us There