Photos: Brick Photos

Photos with a lot of brick surfaces, especially brick sidewalks, brick walls, and brick buildings.

Three large planters of ornamental sweet potatoes, on a brick sidewalk, with leaves and plants torn off and lying on the ground
Ornamental Sweet Potatoes, After Hurricane Irene
An old brick sidewalk, being encroached upon by ivy, and showing some small dry leaves
Brick Sidewalk, 41st Street, Philadelphia
Red sidewalk bricks laid out in a circular pattern, radiating from a spot off the photo to the upper right
Brick Sidewalk Pattern, Mentor's Circle, University of Delaware
A brick sidewalk, wooden bench with metal arms, and some pretty brick buildings in the background, on a college campus, at night
University of Delaware Campus at Night
View looking straight down a very long pedestrian bridge with brick and gray concrete blocks, illuminated by bright white lampposts, with trees on the left
Laird Campus Bridge, University of Delaware
A street intersection with numerous trees leafing out in early spring, in the middle of a college campus, with brick buildings, sidewalks, and a brick terrace
University of Delaware Campus, Viewed from Kirkbride Lecture Hall
University of Delaware Campus, a terrace with red brick, and buildings in an old style with brick and white trim, and slate roofs, and an overpass over a street, with trees leafing out in the spring
University of Delaware, Gore Hall, Viewed from Kirkbride Hall
A brick path with a light dusting of snow and footprints, with grass and trees in a park on either side
Tappan Square Path, Oberlin Ohio, in Light Snow