Photos: College and University Campus Photos

Photos of college campuses and university campuses.

Three high-rise buildings behind trees showing the beginnings of fall color
High Rise Dorms, University of Pennsylvania, from Woodland Cemetery
Uniform, yellow-green grass with not a sign of any other plants in it
Sterile Grass in Lawn, Bryn Athyn College
A brand-new gray building with gray roof, built an older style, surrounded by sterile, empty green lawn
Residence Suites, Bryn Athyn College
A seminar room at a university, showing a rectangular table with some chairs, and chairs around the edge of the room, a projector screen, and a painting of an older man
Seminar Room in Ewing Hall, University of Delaware
Interior of a college classroom building from the seventies, viewed from two stories above, showing a lobby with large staircase, and some students walking about
Smith Hall Interior (Lobby), University of Delaware
A street intersection with numerous trees leafing out in early spring, in the middle of a college campus, with brick buildings, sidewalks, and a brick terrace
University of Delaware Campus, Viewed from Kirkbride Lecture Hall
University of Delaware Campus, a terrace with red brick, and buildings in an old style with brick and white trim, and slate roofs, and an overpass over a street, with trees leafing out in the spring
University of Delaware, Gore Hall, Viewed from Kirkbride Hall
A cozy study lounge with striped maroon sofas and chairs, warm lamps, carpet, a rug, and coffee table
Cozy Study Lounge, Stager Hall, Franklin & Marshall College
A man spraying herbicides into a flower bed, on a college campus
Man Spraying Herbicides, University of Delaware
A college campus at night, viewed from high above, showing criss-crossing paths illuminated by orange lights, an old building on the left and modern one on the right
Oberlin College Campus at Night, from Peters Hall
A grassy area with crossing paths, on a college campus, with numerous trees in the background and an Amur cork tree in the foreground
Wilder Bowl, Oberlin College, and an Amur Cork Tree
Dimly lit campus photo, with an asphalt walkway, wet from rain, some orange street lights, and a church tower visible in the background
Case Western Reserve University Campus, Rainy Night