Lemon Verbena, 2nd Infusion in Gaiwan in album tea

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A gaiwan, a Chinese lidded bowl, closed, with a pink and yellow pattern on the lid, and a small teacup with a rich golden-yellow infusion in it

Aug 10th, 2011, by Alex Zorach

This photo shows the second infusion of lemon verbena made in a gaiwan, a Chinese lidded bowl usually used for brewing tea. I wrote about this whole experience in my blog post Lemon Verbena, Multiple Infusions in a Gaiwan. I made this infusion for 30 seconds, the same length of time as the first.

This infusion is significantly darker in color than the first infusion, and was the darkest and most golden of the seven infusions I made of this herb.

I found the color of this infusion interesting as it was such a vibrant, intense yellow color. When I brew herbal teas, they usually come out much paler, or a dark brown. It is rare to brew any herb or tea and have the infusion produce such an intense gold color.