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Flood Prevention updated Jun 20th, 2015
Exploration of human-influenced causes of flooding, and discussion of how to prevent floods and minimize damage from catastrophic floods.

Sustainable Taxation updated Jun 20th, 2015
Sustainable taxation is a tax system that has a sustainable revenue stream, and promotes both economic health and stability, and sustainability in society as a whole. This page explains my thoughts on how to tax sustainably.

Public Transportation updated Sep 4th, 2013
Arguments for the benefits of public transportation, and tips on how to support public transit through your own personal choices.

Sustainability updated Dec 19th, 2011
Sustainability encompasses the ability to meet current needs without sacrificing the ability to meet future needs. This page outlines my thoughts on how to achieve sustainability.

Payroll Tax updated Oct 18th, 2011
A payroll tax is a tax on wages paid by employer or employee; this page explains why, as a general principle, I think payroll taxes are among the worst, as in most unsustainable and most anti-business forms of tax.

Landscaping updated Oct 11th, 2011
My thoughts on landscaping, with an emphasis on sustainability, including both maintenance costs, ecological value, and practical function of the landscape.

Nuclear Power updated Aug 29th, 2011
Nuclear power promises a lasting energy source, but it brings with it the downsides of waste disposal, military escalation, and risk of catastrophic accidents.

Agricultural Subsidies updated Jul 27th, 2011
Agricultural subsidies are payments or market interventions to farmers or farming corporations. I believe agricultural subsidies in general are a bad thing as they tend to be exploited and rarely achieve their intended goals.

Core Values updated Jun 6th, 2011
Respect for all people, sustainability, and questioning are the core values behind; this page explains more.

Community updated Apr 28th, 2011
The importance of community, and ways to promote and build community in your daily life, through your actions.