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Libertarianism updated Jul 11th, 2015
Libertarianism is a political philosophy that emphasizes personal freedoms and minimal government. This page explains what views I take from Libertarianism as well as where I sometimes differ from this philosophy.

Transparency updated Sep 13th, 2011
Discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of transparency in organizations, and discussion of how to achieve transparency when it is desired.

The Obama Health Care Plan updated Aug 23rd, 2011
My take on the Obama health care plan, passed in early 2010. I believe this legislation has both positive and negative aspects, and would like to see it changed substantially rather than repealed or left as-is.

Overmedication updated May 10th, 2011
Overmedication is the misuse or overuse of prescription drugs in cases where less medication would be better. This page gives several different solutions to the problem of overmedication.

Loopholes updated Apr 17th, 2011
A few brief tips of how to prevent the creation of legal loopholes when designing laws.