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Monopoly updated Feb 8th, 2012
A monopoly occurs when one business or entity exclusively controls a particular type of good or service. Monopoly is generally agreed to have a negative economic impact; this page explores how monopolies form and how to prevent them.

Payroll Tax updated Oct 18th, 2011
A payroll tax is a tax on wages paid by employer or employee; this page explains why, as a general principle, I think payroll taxes are among the worst, as in most unsustainable and most anti-business forms of tax.

Transparency updated Sep 13th, 2011
Discussion of the benefits and drawbacks of transparency in organizations, and discussion of how to achieve transparency when it is desired.

Purpose updated Jun 6th, 2011
Purpose is tricky to define, yet is central to productivity and the functioning of society; this page is my attempt at describing what purpose is and how to act and live with purpose.