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The Ends Do Not Justify The Means updated Sep 19th, 2015
My explanation of how the ends justify the means concept plays out in politics and other areas of life, and why I take a more integrated, process-based approach to action.

Language in Religion updated Jun 20th, 2015
Differences in use of language can cause misunderstanding and inhibit communication when people of differing faiths engage in dialogue; this page gives a few tips of how to approach religious language in order to promote better communication.

Religion updated Jun 19th, 2013
A collection of religion-related topics, including discussion of religious language, secularism, membership in organized religion, and more.

Creeds in Church - Why I Think They are a Bad Idea updated Apr 7th, 2013
Reasons why I think reciting creeds or statements of faith in church services can be harmful in multiple ways.

Core Beliefs updated Mar 18th, 2013
The core beliefs, agreed upon by consensus, a work-in-progress, of an inter-faith religious group that a group of people and I are starting.

Holy Texts updated Mar 18th, 2013
How I view holy texts, including why I do not take them literally, and why I think historical and cultural context is important.

Rules of Communication updated Apr 6th, 2012
These rules of communication, designed to facilitate constructive discussion, were agreed upon by consensus in an inter-faith religious group I am starting with some of my friends.

Secularism updated Oct 18th, 2011
Secularism, which I reject, is a belief that religion and spiritual things are somehow separate from reality and should be kept separate from important human institutions.

Student vs. Member: Mentalities in Religion updated Aug 25th, 2011
I view religion more as something that I am a student of, rather than a member of; this page outlines why I find this approach more constructive.

My Experience With Christianity updated Aug 25th, 2011
This page outlines my unorthodox belief in Christianity which is often at odds with both mainstream and fundamentalist churches.

Evil updated Aug 24th, 2011
Evil is a tough concept to define; I see it as always connected to some sort of harm, and tied to a denial of or distraction from the inherent worth in all human beings.

Wholesomeness updated Aug 23rd, 2011
Wholesomeness is a central concept in my life: I consider something to be wholesome if and only if it is beneficial to all people involved.

Core Values updated Jun 6th, 2011
Respect for all people, sustainability, and questioning are the core values behind; this page explains more.

Purpose updated Jun 6th, 2011
Purpose is tricky to define, yet is central to productivity and the functioning of society; this page is my attempt at describing what purpose is and how to act and live with purpose.

Good updated May 6th, 2011
Good is hard to define, but is nonetheless an important concept in religion, and also in a practical sense in everyday life. This page outlines my attempt at understanding the concept of good.