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Libertarianism updated Jul 11th, 2015
Libertarianism is a political philosophy that emphasizes personal freedoms and minimal government. This page explains what views I take from Libertarianism as well as where I sometimes differ from this philosophy.

Sustainable Taxation updated Jun 20th, 2015
Sustainable taxation is a tax system that has a sustainable revenue stream, and promotes both economic health and stability, and sustainability in society as a whole. This page explains my thoughts on how to tax sustainably.

Taxes updated Jun 19th, 2013
My tax plan is based on simplicity, good incentives, and fairness; my quick fix plan involves elimination of the payroll tax, and my long-term plan involves replacement of income tax with taxes on resource use and holding of currency.

Progressive Taxation updated Feb 8th, 2012
Progressive taxation, in which wealthier individuals pay a higher tax rate, has numerous proponents and opponents; this page offers my take on the issue.

Payroll Tax updated Oct 18th, 2011
A payroll tax is a tax on wages paid by employer or employee; this page explains why, as a general principle, I think payroll taxes are among the worst, as in most unsustainable and most anti-business forms of tax.

Taxes and Children updated May 24th, 2011
Discussion of tax credits and tax deductions, in the U.S., associated with supporting children and other dependants. I give arguments for and against these credits, and explain my stance of being generally opposed to these credits, but also being cautious about repealing them.