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Last updated: Apr 28th, 2011


This page is about communities of people, and focuses on the factors that create a sense of community, and build strong and well-connected communities. I see community as a key part of sustainability, as when people are not connected to each other, culture cannot be preserved (and sustained). I also think that the trust and cooperation integral in community is necessary to achieve sustainability.

The way I see it, an ideal community is one in which:

Many communities in the U.S. lack some or all of these features; in fact, in many areas, it makes sense to say that there is little community or even no community. It is impossible to have community if no one knows each other, and nearly impossible if few people know each other. Unfortunately, this lack of connectedness is the norm in many apartment buildings and neighborhoods in the U.S.

But merely having a tight-knit community is not necessarily a good thing. Some communities are isolated and closed to outsiders. These communities tend to stagnate and degenerate; the stagnant culture and atmosphere in these communities makes them unattractive to live in for young people and intelligent, open-minded people, causing these areas to suffer brain drain.

Ways to Promote Community Through Personal Actions:

The best way to help promote strong and healthy communities is to think about community and make building community a priority in your life. Once you have set this priority, you will find numerous concrete ways in which you can help to build community:

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