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Using I Statements for Solidarity and Persuasion updated Sep 19th, 2018
An I-statement is a way of framing ideas that has compelling benefits for leading to respectful, positive discussion on controversial topics, including building solidarity and persuading others.

Is Politics Divisive? How To Have Positive Political Discussion updated Sep 13th, 2018
People often describe politics as an inherently divisive subject, but my experience suggests that it is how we talk about politics that leads either to conflict, or fruitful dialogue.

Personal Religious Beliefs vs Official Organizational Stances updated Sep 12th, 2018
The personal religious beliefs of individuals often differs from official organizational stances, and acknowledging this is important for truthful discussion of religion.

How to Disagree - A Simple Way to Disagree Respectfully updated Sep 11th, 2018
Simple ways to express disagreement respectfully, and common pitfalls to avoid when voicing disagreement.