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Respect updated Feb 9th, 2017
Respect can be viewed as a belief in the inherent worth of a person, or actions that reflect this belief.

How to Help Someone With Depression updated Sep 15th, 2016
Advice for how to help someone with depression, including actions to do, things to say, and things to avoid saying.

Depression updated Sep 22nd, 2014
Depression is a condition characterized by persistent low mood, inactivity, hopelessness, and other problems. This page provides a way of looking at depression as a system of feedback loops, and provides suggestions of how to quickly break out of depression.

Natural Remedies and Treatments for Anxiety updated Mar 26th, 2014
This page describes numerous natural (prescription-drug-free) remedies and treatments for anxiety and stress, including physical exercises, cognitive approaches, diet, herbal remedies, and more.

Dream Interpretation updated Sep 5th, 2012
My philosophy of dream interpretation, with an emphasis on making empowering interpretations, and an explanation of what this means.

Clear Thinking updated Sep 29th, 2011
I use the term clear thinking to describe thinking based on sound, valid reasoning, and that lead to positive action.

Waking Up Early - Early Rising updated Sep 14th, 2011
Waking up early, or early rising, is something that some people find boosts their productivity. This page gives a few tips about how to easily get up in the morning.

Escalation updated Aug 24th, 2011
Discussion of escalation, especially in political debate, and suggestions of how to prevent it.

GABA and Anxiety updated Jul 3rd, 2011
GABA is a naturally occurring chemical which plays a role in muscle tone or tension, and also in anxiety. This article explains why, even though GABA is known to play a role in anxiety, its use as a supplement to treat anxiety is likely misguided.

Conspiracy Theories updated Jun 9th, 2011
An explanation of why I generally do not believe in or agree with conspiracy theories.

Jumping to Conclusions updated May 15th, 2011
Jumping to conclusions is a fallacy of thinking in which a person draws unwarranted conclusions from the facts at hand. This page provides examples and some tips for avoiding this mistake.

Terrorism updated May 14th, 2011
I define terrorism as an action that is violent, and targets civilians based on some sort of group membership. This page discusses my beliefs of the best ways to prevent and stop terrorism.

Overmedication updated May 10th, 2011
Overmedication is the misuse or overuse of prescription drugs in cases where less medication would be better. This page gives several different solutions to the problem of overmedication.