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Poor or Low Income? updated Jul 21st, 2015

Libertarianism updated Jul 11th, 2015
Libertarianism is a political philosophy that emphasizes personal freedoms and minimal government. This page explains what views I take from Libertarianism as well as where I sometimes differ from this philosophy.

Sustainable Taxation updated Jun 20th, 2015
Sustainable taxation is a tax system that has a sustainable revenue stream, and promotes both economic health and stability, and sustainability in society as a whole. This page explains my thoughts on how to tax sustainably.

Taxes updated Jun 19th, 2013
My tax plan is based on simplicity, good incentives, and fairness; my quick fix plan involves elimination of the payroll tax, and my long-term plan involves replacement of income tax with taxes on resource use and holding of currency.

Progressive Taxation updated Feb 8th, 2012
Progressive taxation, in which wealthier individuals pay a higher tax rate, has numerous proponents and opponents; this page offers my take on the issue.

Monopoly updated Feb 8th, 2012
A monopoly occurs when one business or entity exclusively controls a particular type of good or service. Monopoly is generally agreed to have a negative economic impact; this page explores how monopolies form and how to prevent them.

Sustainability updated Dec 19th, 2011
Sustainability encompasses the ability to meet current needs without sacrificing the ability to meet future needs. This page outlines my thoughts on how to achieve sustainability.

Payroll Tax updated Oct 18th, 2011
A payroll tax is a tax on wages paid by employer or employee; this page explains why, as a general principle, I think payroll taxes are among the worst, as in most unsustainable and most anti-business forms of tax.

Capitalism updated Aug 24th, 2011
Capitalism is a type of economic system in which development proceeds primarily due to accumulation and reinvestment of profits by private interests. This page presents a nuanced take on Capitalism.

Taxes and Children updated May 24th, 2011
Discussion of tax credits and tax deductions, in the U.S., associated with supporting children and other dependants. I give arguments for and against these credits, and explain my stance of being generally opposed to these credits, but also being cautious about repealing them.

A Ban on Hospital Advertising updated May 11th, 2011
I propose a ban on advertising by hospitals wishing to retain their non-profit status, and explain how this ban could result in lower health care costs and higher quality of care.

Money updated May 6th, 2011
A critical perspective on money, distinguishing its roles as a measure of value, exchange medium, store of value, and a medium of power.

Revolving Debt updated Apr 21st, 2011
Explanation of why I think revolving debt creates bad incentives, and discussion of why I think a ban on revolving debt would have benefits for society.